2003-05-01 15:36:03 ET
I beat the beaurocracy :)

I finally got my coat back.

After 4 trips to New York.
1 car accident
More toll fees than I can count
1 Biomechanic bonding session
2 trips to Queens
8712492748 cops giving me trouble


Moral ov the story: The bums get treated way better by the law, than your common obiding citizen.

 This useless update was brought to you by the letter B    2003-04-30 15:43:38 ET
I think I'm losing myself =/

I haven't worn anything faux on my head in about a month. I resemble your average run ov the mill girl in boots and band shirts.I refuse to use the dreaded r word.

This has got to stop.

There will be another Golden Age ov the Pineapple.

There will be a Pineapple Renaissance.



 Karmic anal rape.    2003-04-25 13:24:11 ET

As ov now neither Len nor I have any money, a job, a working cell phone nor a vehicle. Gah...I'd like to hope that things will get better soon. This being poor thing sucks.

     2003-04-20 03:54:51 ET
The goddamn cat slept too close to my face last night. In conclusion: allergy doom. I'm all puffy and swollen and feeling sorry for myself. And up at an ungodly hour thanks to my parents.


     2003-04-17 14:20:29 ET
I really hope Sk doesn't close. It spawned too many inside jokes, and made me appreciate people like Bio[mechanic]too much for me not to miss it.

It made me develop a sick obsession w/Sigfried and Roy.

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