2003-04-14 14:37:14 ET

Can you post that Sigfried and Roy picture for me again?

It holds a special place in my heart.

Along with the comment "This is a face you would be making if you were to make love to a man and a tiger".

It's by far the best thing I've seen you post on SK. If you do that you can touch my breastuses.

     2003-04-14 13:26:54 ET
I'm not dead, I've just lost teh desire to update this as well as Live Journal. Which is weird, since I have always felt the need to record every detail ov my life in Live Journal. Perhaps it's because I'm never home anymore. Not that I miss it...I don't.

Seeking employment and moving out is on the agenda.

And on another note..Sir Bio I hope you do feel better. You owe me some Mario Kart and power electronics doom.


     2003-04-01 10:26:54 ET
Uh...guys..I think I'm pregnant

 Ohio part 6387623876426    2003-03-25 05:56:06 ET
So my nigga Rotny from Ohio, tells me that my picture is on some promotional flier for a Goth Night somewhere in where else..but....Ohio.

See..OHIO..is haunting me, it's a sign.

I wish people let me know those things BEFORE taking my pictures though. It's annoying.

The Pineapple is not shareware. :)

 I just wanted a big piece ov alien mask wearing man love on my page    2003-03-21 11:42:50 ET


++ Werden Sie Das Ich ++
brought to you by Quizilla

Who would make a Das Ich quiz up?

Das Ich actually has groupies?

If they can do it..so can I


Filthy Germans

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