drivin dangerously    2003-03-12 11:31:35 ET
I'm addition to that warrant for my arrest..

Let's see what else Bea won..shall we?

A license suspension. Yup..yup :)

I mailed out another check today, this time for $80. Should take care ov them motherfucking fines.

Easter candy keeps me sane.

And..no luck on the job hunting front. Told my mom I'm going to be a stripper (fun, fun reactions) :D

 Erica the Hutt    2003-03-11 09:59:19 ET
I just saw someone that my ex MIGHT HAVE Been cheating on me with on a "gaffik" porn site.


I feel so good about my body , and so disappointed in his taste. Girl must be under 5 foot about 130 I'd say. If you want a link..I will provide one. But dear God..she should give EVERYONE a self esteem boost.

John sez(2:51:35 PM): Her legs are like horse legs.
John sez (2:52:48 PM): I sure as hell woudln't sign up to see n00dz of her.
John sez (2:53:10 PM): I'd sign up to see her put more clothes ON.


Not that I don't miss him, I'm just questioning his taste :D Moving on..I want to see that movie about that guy w/the rats.

In case you didn't know..I am that creepy guy w/the rats. Chances are if you come over, I will make my rats crawl on you :)

And last but not least I cringe @ my reproductive system. I want a coq. No ovaries=no pain.


 tasty tidbits!    2003-03-11 09:26:59 ET
Boticelli thinks highly ov me!Boticelli makes me happy!

     2003-03-10 09:06:02 ET
Lookie at the new "Poster Rivet".

     2003-03-08 22:24:43 ET
So I get this in the mail today:

A WARRANT has been issued for your arrest. You may waive your right to a court appearance and pay $79 covering all fines and costs due (including contempt charges) or you may appear in court to show cause why you should not be held in contempt for failure to comply with above summon(s)

Time to hide out for a while.

They returned my check for that vile fucking ticket that I got for "not being able to display a driver's license".

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