2003-02-27 10:28:53 ET
Car is in working order again.

So, now all I have to worry about is to go get those damn nudes taken ov me.

Big bruise on leg from tripping and landing on bed frame.

Big bruise look bad in nude photo.

Nude photo destroy you all.

     2003-02-23 19:53:54 ET
I think I have a mission to accomplish.

I wonder if I sleep with Chris Pohl.. I'll be on a Blutengel album?

That seems to be the case w/him :P

One way to find out..ha!!!!!!


     2003-02-18 12:43:02 ET
Tunnel is in progress.

Inspired by DC's post..I decided to con one ov you into touching me.

<victim mode>

Look at this poor, sore pineapple..Oh no!!!!

</victim mode>

     2003-02-18 10:43:51 ET
Alright children...

time to brave piles of snow taller than me.

HHAhhah...it's so funny for some reason.

A little cybergoth with pink and black dreads struggling with forces of nature.

Don't let anyone ever tell you that shovels aren't sexy.

Being tough is not just for rivets anymore. Har.

Why am I making a big deal? Because chances are that you haven't seen the SIZE of my backyard which is where the car is. It's going to be a long tunnel I tell ya.

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Pineapple-

     2003-02-17 18:56:02 ET
Until AIM starts working again, if you need me you can get me at my actual AOL screen name :Engel lust.

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