2003-02-17 17:55:12 ET
Somehow AIM managed to block everyone on my Buddy List.


 It's time for androgyny!!!!!!!!!!!    2003-02-16 21:17:51 ET
Angelboi7: hehe, i looked at miself in the miror a few days ago n realized i kinda look like u :-)
elektr0fleisch: That's really hot :-)
Angelboi7: I think its a good thing :-)
elektr0fleisch: either I look like a girlboy or you look like a girl who looks like a girly boi

Christian has my looks and Wintermute definitely has my personality.

I am SUCH a boy.

I found that amusing

Aside from being a boy..I'm pretty cold and congested. I get what I deserve for not wearing more clothing in the winter.

     2003-02-16 19:49:30 ET
We discovered a few things this weekend.

1-You know how Captain Morgan draws moustaches on people's faces in those ads? He shoved a very large tusk in my septum. Yes, it hurt. Yes..I'm insane.

2-Not a good idea to go out w/your ass almost showing and a see through fishnet shirt(no jacket) in 10 degree weather.

3-Even a worse idea to do it while you're already sick.

4- You people from other states rock.

I will go ingest Nyquil like crazy now..because I'm about to projectile vomit my lungs.

DAMN you NYC cops. I want my jacket back.


     2003-02-14 14:17:58 ET

Found my old pills. I'm not going to let them just sit there. Not much..but something.Need to get better before going out.


I'm not a pill junkie. I'm sick.

You see they stole my jacket in NYC and the NYPD fucks won't give it back cause it's "evidence" so I'm going to freeze all winter.



     2003-02-13 13:10:10 ET
Why do people care if they have someone for that thing tomorrow?

I'll be quite content with some vodka to be honest.


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