Rivet Poster Child Submission.    2003-02-12 17:42:35 ET
Hey I'm Bea.

I prove my elite ub3r-ness by hanging out on Subkultures.net and hanging out with my super elite friends. I like to go to clubs and get drunk. Because all rivet heads do that. It helps with my hardcore stomping. Jersey has the best industrial scene. I spend my time fighting with New York City "cybergoths" and feel the need to prove how c0re I am 24-7.

I only listen to stuff off Ant-zen, but it's starting to get too mainstream for me. Don't tell anyone but I think that Fictional secretly rocks.

Did I mention that I own every :wumpscut: baby tee? But I have to discard them, since Rudy is on Metropolis and that is SO poser.

But I still wear that *Eevil Young Girlie* tee at out of state club where nobody knows me.


 I see blue lights in Bio's eyes.    2003-02-12 12:17:50 ET

My dreads are starting to look like ass, lots of stray little black hair pieces are poking out.

I'm going to need You. Yes, YOU to help me.

Anyone up for helping me w/electric taping my head?

Taking pictures on Monday, and I'm trying to *NOT* look like ass.

     2003-02-10 07:50:23 ET
This pineapple is really hating life now.

It appears that my car has totally stopped working now.

We found this out today.

I think I'm going to cry. No..really. There's nothing you can do. It's not like you can reason with a car =/


 Hahhah...Bio.    2003-02-10 05:04:54 ET

Die Cyber Ananas: You're Jersey's favorite
sarcastic pineapple, what you lack in height
you make up in big hair and platforms!

What is your inner NJ SK.net member?
brought to you by Quizilla

 Another Useless Entry.    2003-02-06 16:08:10 ET
I'm on a useless entry binge.

I miss the stupid girlboy SO much.

*sheds a tear*

No, that was not sarcasm.


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