2003-01-27 10:14:40 ET
I feel like I am in a K-hole. Oddly..I haven't touched K in years. Odd..odd..odd.

Ha..I must look stupid as hell, cause I'm sitting here with THE blankest look on my face right now. Ithink I've been sitting here with a gaping mouth and bulging eyes for a while now. I must be reminiscent ov a kid w/Down syndrome.

I hear one ov these stupid birthday cards in the background too. Like..this thing has been on for 3 hours straight. And I am not inclined to get up and find it, even though that it is driving me insane.

Edited to say: This wasn't a birthday card. It was a musical bottle ov some kind ov Russian vodka.

Now..everyone will think I'm crazy!

Russian vodka !!!!!!!!!

     2003-01-24 14:29:15 ET
Hmmm..to go out or not to go out, that is the question.

-cries over not having a legal vehicle-

If I go out, I might have problems getting back.But then again, if I don't go out I shall be kicking myself.


 It's a pineapple/riveth0 day!    2003-01-22 09:31:02 ET
One pineapple to rule them all....

Ummm...sorry my plans for world domination are not to be discussed now.

Happy birthday Insomnia,I wish you an abundance ov Latin reading, a plethora ov Rivetboi(tm) admirers, and drama free enterntainment.

I wish happy birthday to me. I also wish strippers on poles and straws up my nose.

Oh yea..someone smashed my tail light today.

Yes, my parked ,uninsured car.

Mom woke me up to tell me that along w/Happy Birthday.

 Ok..for real now .    2003-01-20 18:33:49 ET
Disclaimer: This is "for real". It is something I put a lot ov thought into recently. No, it's not something I am doing to get attention, seem "inaccessible", "hard to get", or seem more attractive. I have made a decision and decided to share it with everyone just so there are no misconceptions about anything with anyone.

I realize that a lot ov people have felt that way. I realize it's a "phase". But just as I don't go up to every teenage girl who thinks they're bi because they kissed their best friend at a sleepover and mock them to their face, please do not question my beliefs. I feel rather strongly about this, so before you discredit my genuine feelings on the topic consider the fact that I never put a label on my sexuality to begin with.

At this point in my life, I am experiencing no attraction to anyone. No serious attraction. Or even if I did, I refuse to do anything about it.


*Because I enjoy talking to people as opposed to making out with them.
*Because I am not a piece ov meat.
*Because I see the confusion making out/casual sex/etc. causes among my friends. I absolutely refuse to be a part ov that.

And this is the BIG ONE:

I feel that people like me for the wrong reasons. I feel like people "get to know me" to try to fuck me.

I'm not down with that.

I like having platonic friends, I like going out, getting smashed, and nowhere in that does the desire to "do stuff" fit in there.

And no this decision was not driven:

1-By someone breaking my heart (actually my cardiac muscle is fine thank you)
2-By me slutting around (NOTHING is further from the truth.I've been as prude as it gets to be honest).

So, in conclusion children I Beatrice A. Sara Wilgucki have chosen to be celibate from this day forward.

I don't want it and I certainly don't need it.

I have other things to focus on.

So..now I sit back and amuse myself by the amount ov people that will stop calling me/doing nice things for me/wanting to hang out/etc. just because there will be no chance ov me doing shit w/anyone.

I did not express half the things I wanted to express, mainly due to the fact that I just "don't have a way with words"

But I want to say this much..respect my decision or "fuck off and walk".

Plus asexuality has been hitting me hard core.

     2003-01-20 13:25:52 ET
Insurance =$170 a month
Cell phone bill=varies from $100 to $300 a month.

The chance ov me finding a goddamn job=priceless.

I have to go to NYC tomorrow and get my coat, possibly spend a day in the company ov the police. Wonderbar.


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