2003-01-15 23:30:04 ET
I wonder what my "Gaydar Rating" would be? How gay am I?

     2003-01-12 22:09:26 ET
The unbelievable has happened. I had fun at Batcave.And no slut ruined my mood. Though I had a close encounter with someone I hate (but that's okay..the bitch is craaaazayy, and my ex's new girl was there too. But booze alleviates all.

It's 3:00 a.m. and I have way too much energy. I should've took someone up on an offer and not came home for another 2 or 3 days. Home sucks. But it's not 6:00 a.m. yet..so I cannot fall asleep.

Hookers and coke

All Hail.

     2003-01-07 13:22:47 ET
Why do I get THAT much amusement out ov Live Journal flame wars?

     2003-01-06 17:42:24 ET
Will I be seeing any ov you sluts this Saturday at the Buttcave?

     2003-01-04 22:36:00 ET
Q's wasn't awful tonight. I drank myself to my heart's content and almost stole someone else's el gato. Yeah..I'm cool. Q's isn't bad at all when you're drunk.

Like I am now.

Damn..I need car insurance.

And a job.

Stripping looks appealing. But that dignity thing keeps saying no.

Why do ugly people always tell me I'm hot? (Ok, hot people do too, but I'm not digging the signal to noise ratio here)

MMmmmm boooze

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