2004-04-17 07:35:42 ET

hahahahhaa last night was my prom it was so fucking

awesome cause we got a limo and shit and it wasnt no danky

ass limo it was the fuckin shiiiaat anyways so we got

picked up in the limo and then we went out to dinner and

met up with some annoying as girls that think there all

that and a bag a chips but luckily they didnt go in the

limo with us anyways so we went to the place where they

were having the prom and it was fucking wack that prom was

fucking retarted anyways so we stayed there for like and

hour and talked to some people and then we were like well

we got a lot of beer in the limo might as well drink that

and go to SF and just kick it in the limo so thats exactly

what we did it was so great i had a lot of fun and holy

shit i was so happy my hair turned out exactly how i

wanted it too and i looked damn good if i may say so in my



Threesome in the making,,,, This conversation is not with me but my good friend amanda and some fool
2004-04-15 20:30:42 ET

Joe: hey would you be into a threesome

Amanda: depekjnds

Joe: what coiu54nditions

Joe: sorry im really fucked up right now

Amanda: so am i]

Joe: ha

Amanda: depends on hoos involedd

Joe: ok well its actually my freind whos a

dude and im not

rea;;y into it , but id probabley be fucked up and i

wouldnt touch him

Amanda: what does ur friends look like???

Amanda: *friend

Joe: youve seen him he sighned your tit that

one time

Joe: he was at the holy family festival

Joe: hes blond

Amanda: j;ordan????

Joe: ha yeah thats him

Joe: he thinks your hella hot

Amanda: ummm ok well i dunno i really don't

remember him that

well id

probably have to see him again

Joe: ok, casue he really wants to have a

threesome. and i


i would be up for it. just casue its somthin new

Amanda: yeahi guess it douse sound kinda appealijn

Joe: kool he wants me too send you a pic ill

send it as

soon as

i figure out how

Amanda: k

Joe: i cant figure out how to send the pick

Amanda: u add it as an attachmenuyt

Joe: i cant

Joe: i dont know how

Joe: he said for me to tell you that his dick

is big and


Amanda: goody6

Joe: yeah

Joe: i guess

Joe: would you be up for it

Amanda: probably, but i dunno cuz im .mreally

wastesdd, but i


i'll have a differenyt opinoihn when im sober

Joe: ok, casue i thynk it would be col

Amanda: yea

Joe: im fucked up too and im not into guys,

but i dont know


it would be kool , but o think it would

Joe: i think it would be

Amanda: yauyi

Joe: cause hes a virgin and he wants to fuck

Joe: and im cool wioth it cause hes my freind

Amanda: ok thken

Joe: what does that mean(i dont mean this in a

mean way im


asking for clarification)

Amanda: no im just agreeinopg

Joe: so your up for it

Amanda: surekl

Joe: kool

Joe: im his freind, and hes shown me his dick

once, and not


be gay but it aint small or nuthin

Amanda: kewl

Joe: so dont worry about that

Amanda: i wont


he wanted me to ask you if you ever wanted to guys to do

stuff for you

Joe: two

Amanda: i dunno, but now that i think098 about it,

it does



Joe: like what

Amanda: im not exactly surre at the mip[oment, what

r u guys


g to do????

Joe: what do you want

Amanda: well i dunno thats why i asked wht u gu;

ys wanna do

Joe: ive never done guy stuff

Joe: what do yyou thiunk youd want to see

Amanda: i dunno surprise me, but don't do anything



cuz that would kinda freak me out

Joe: ok hold on for like 5 mins, im gonna go

smoke some


then ill be back k?

Joe: k?

Joe: hello

Amanda: lji

Joe: brb

Joe: ill brb k?

Amanda: yea

Joe: k sorry

Joe: whats too hardcore

Amanda: u guys jis don't fuck eachother thats all,

uguys can


out though

Joe: everything e;se though

Amanda: yeah i guess

Joe: ok

Amanda: i dunno jis do whatlever ive never been iln



so i duluyhjfdno

Joe: 4/-








Amanda: yeja sure



Amanda: no prob

Joe signed off at 2:01:49 AM.


.....And my heart dropped
2004-04-13 18:29:55 ET

oh man my day started out so good i was so looking forward

to see a special someone but it just all turned to shit

when i did see that someone. i was really hopeing that

things would've been different this time i thought that i

had acctually found a good one. He makes me laugh hes

sweet he talks to me and he doesnt judge and hes just

everything ive been looking for in a guy but it was just

too good to be true.. so this is what happened friday

night we hung out and i had already had feelings for him

like i really liked him and stuff and i dunno we had

connected before and stuff but not until fryday did i

really start to see the way this person was starting to

affect me. anyways we hung out and i really felt like

something was there you know just by little things that i

would notice like when he would kinna look from the corner

of his eye or when he rested his head on my shoulder or

even by the way that he hugged me or cracked jokes with me

but i guess that it was just friend stuff but it really

didnt seem that way but i dunno anyways today i was so

excited that i was going to see him like thats why i woke

up today to see him and today when i met up with some

friends and he was there i was so looking forward to just

seeing his smile and just hearing his voice but when i saw

him walk up towards me he was hand in hand with another

girl and my heart just dropped i wanted to run away and

cry.... it just really hurt me to see him with her and i

just couldnt take it i couldnt even look at them it hurt

so much and what i really hate is that he knows that i

like him and it would be so much better if he didnt cause

then i might not act strange around him but i just like

him so much it hurts and he was someone that i could

really see my self falling for but i guess some things are

just too good to be true and my friends were all trying to

comfort me by saying that hes boring anyways but i just

dont think that they know him like i do i dunno just

something about him maybe its the way he talks to me or

something but he just makes me feel like i can be myself

around him and im not nervous at all when im around him

and i dunno its just killing me inside......


2004-04-12 17:45:09 ET

oh man this weekend was so fun fryday was so awesome i got

to kick it with some people and just chill and have good

conversation with this guy will hells shit happened on

fryday but hella shit i should'nt talk about on here but

yeah saturday i went to fresno but i really didnt want to

go cause i wanted to stay and do some homework and kick it

with friends but i was forced to go it acctually wasnt

that bad i mean i got to see my bro and his wife and my

nephews but yeah so we just hung out with my bro and his

family and i watched the movies Donnie Darko which was

kick ass and Bully which wasnt all that great but mike

pitt is so fuckin hot annoying in that movie but hella hot

anyways then sunday my bro comes into the living room and

i was awoken by him in a bunny suit at 5:30 in the morning

which scared the shit out of me anyhoo we went in the back

yard and put eggs all over for the kids to find later that

day i went back to sleep after we were done and then when

i woke up i kicked it with my nephew jacob and the day was

just really chill and fun and we had a really good dinner

and i made some awesome deviled eggs they werent your

normal ones but they still came out fuckin bomb but yeah

that was my weekend (check out the new pics of my nephews

and my bro)

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