i love the 80's (STRIKES BACK) yo
2003-10-21 21:12:10 ET

man i was so excited to watch i love the 80's strikes back

man im a freak when it comes to the 80's i think it was a

fucking badass decade man was i excited when they got to

1982 and they were talking about the movie the wall man

that movies fucking so sick but yeah they had some funny

shit going on in the 80's i dunno the 70's was fucking cool

as hell too man acctually the 60's, 70's, and 80's where a

badass thirty years but i think the 90's was alright like

the early 90's was sick but the mid and late 90's was

fucking lame and 2000 or whatever oh man this shit is hella

gay cant wait for another decade to start man i hope the

like 2010's are cool or some shit i dunno it'll probobly be

hella gay oh well ill always be a little hippie at heart


2003-10-20 17:49:00 ET

head, pressure, senses, clutch

date, divinity, wouldn't fuck

touched, hazy, god change

rush floor life veins

from a head full of pressure

as the senses that i clutch

made a date with divinity but she wouldn't let me fuck

i got touched by a hazy shade of god, help me change

caught a rush on the floor from the life in my veins

it goes:

one for the cannabis

and two for your diunetics

three for your reasoning

and four for those that try and get it

five for your love

and six for the stress

and seven for the day that i climbed into this mess

i'm catchin ulcers from the childproof lighters

and all of these fine-toothed fighters

that keep the wires in my head tighter

i'm tired out by the distances achieved walkin in my sleep

floors got shifted since the high got a tad too deep

ask Dad to keep cool ill call him back

as soon as i resume normal, and get out of this bathroom

and call management

seek some reimbursement

for the nerve endings that burn from the first case

so fuck needles, fuck smoke, fuck lines that make the sinus


fuck chasers and trails, fuck raves and rails

fuck hangovers, fuck hallucinations

regurgitations, mandatory sentences

and you wait tracing blind

by insight and dulled common sense

give me inhibition, kill the superstition and the confidence

built a tolerance now its more that i consume

and when it boards up my room the world's alls a groom in


unify the eulogy

autopsy pages read euthenasia i.e. irony

well here i be within a pool of my drool, sedated

windows dilated comatose life overdose

tell Jacob Miles keep it wild-style

i promise i'll smile

and check the floor, god's got nice tile

tell Jacob Miles to keep that shit wild-style

and i'll smile, and check your floor god's got nice tile

from a head full of pressure, restless senses that i clutch

i made a date with divinity but she wouldn't let me fuck

and i got touched by a hazy shade of god, help me change

caught a rush on the floor from the life in my veins (X2)
















*i swear if you dont like hip hop you will when you hear

ATMOSPHERE some of the best shit ever*

skool daze
2003-10-20 14:59:30 ET

man today at school was acctually pretty sick.... me and

amanda went to bowling early so we could do something

before we went to it and then when we got there it was all

funny shit dude bowling was cool today and there was this

hella like retarted guy in the team that we were bowling

against and he bowled all like in slow motion all crazy

like i dunno its hard to explain you just have to like

witness this shit and then school was pretty lame today i

had to take a fucking fat test but i think that i might

have passed it i acctually did some of the answers and

didnt just guess and then after school it was chill i got

to kick it with people and we did some stuff (cough cough)

and then we went to the park and more stuff and then me and

my friend mark walked back to 711 to have butterball pick

us up and so i got a ride home and i was so happy my mom

wasnt here cause i was like 30min late but yeah so that was

my day and i still have to work on a god damn project thats

due tomarrow i hope that im not to burned out to do it


do you wanna kiss me
2003-10-19 17:50:28 ET

You have an entrancing kiss~ the kind that leaves
your partner bedazzled and maybe even feeling
he/she is dreaming. Quite effective; the kiss
that never lessens and always blows your
partner away like the first time.

What kind of kiss are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

i just liked this so much!!!!

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