still grounded
2003-10-19 17:11:50 ET

man being grounded sucks fat ass i havent left my house in

2 days so fucking lame.... but last night was pretty chill

my friend amanda came over and we watched american history

x and just kicked it around my house and then a pipe burst

in my front yard it was acctually pretty funny like my mom

and her b/f were drunk and then our land lady came over and

she was pretty smashed herslef when she got there and then

she started drinking with my mom while bruce was fixing the

pipe it was hella funny and then amanda came back over (oh

yeah like right when we found out the pipe broke amanda

left to go meet up with dave) so amanda and dave came back

to my house and we kicked it in my room for a little while

he brought me a nice little present he brought me some

mickeys and that was chill and then my mom came in my room

and saw dave with his arms around amanda and my mom was

like well you guys need to chill in the living room or the

backyard so we went to the backyard and just chilled and

talked and smoked stoges and then 11:30 rolled around and

amanda had to go home so dave and amanda left and i stayed

up and watched house of a thousand corpses it wasnt as good

as i thought it was going to be but it was fucking funny

and just generally fucked up in many ways but i liked

it..... and then today out of no where my friend amanda

from fresno called me and she hasnt called me since like

april or something and i was hella suprised and she just

told me about how shes doing and shit and how she misses me

and its kinna strange that she called because just the

night before i had a dream that me and her just basically

said good bye to each other as being friends cause like our

friendship has been pretty fucked up this whole year and

likes she turned into a conformist so shes just not the

same anymore but still ive known her for so long that i

have to give her another chance to help make our friendship

work you know and i dunno i do miss her but i dunno she

told me she might come up for halloween i mean i really

want her too but amandas the type of person who will say

one thing and then to another but yeah so then my friend

amanda that lives here came over again today and we kicked

it and watched house of a thousand corpses cause she wanted

to see it and then she left like a little later and yeah

that was pretty much my weekend MAN FUCK BEING



run in with the cops
2003-10-18 19:20:04 ET

last night was hella lame i went to the football game which

was lame cause i thought that we were gonna go party but

anyways the game was gay but hey at least we got in free

(snuck in) and we got free food and then we went to this

party that was hella scary cause it was like over in the

bad side of sunnyvale and their were like all these thugs

and shit and i felt really out of place and then on the way

home we got pulled over by a cop and like some people had

some weed in the car and like the cop pulled him over for

speeding and then like their were 4 of us in the back of

the car and we werent wearing seat belts so that wasnt cool

and then the cop was like do you guys have weed on you and

were like no and then he was like funny cause it smells

like pot but we werent even smoking before he pulled us

over and then joey my friend that got pulled over was like

well i had a cigerette and then another cop came up and i

was hella scared i thought we were gonna be fucked but then

he tossed joey his registration and was like well i guess

todays your lucky day and then took off and didnt write him

a ticket for anything man it was hella freightning my heart

was pounding man i fucking hate sunnyvale cops they have

nothing else better to do but bust kids for stupid shit

man do i feel bad
2003-10-16 19:02:57 ET

yeah so i asked this guy to the homecoming dance and then

im bailing on him so i can go party with my friend amanda

but the plan that me and amanda have set up i dont think

its gonna work so i think that im just not gonna go out

that night but hey at least i can go out on fryday night to

the game although i think that im gonna ditch that shit

early and go do something with my friend danielle

good day
2003-10-14 21:05:36 ET

yeah today was acctually a pretty good day but i cant talk

about it cause ill get kicked off if i do but yeah so i met

this really cute guy today and he thinks im hot so im

suppose to kick it with him this weekend which is hella

cool cause hes a chill guy and hes so fucking funny but

anyways that was pretty much my day man i wish icould say

what i did today sorry yo

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