everything sucks
2003-10-07 19:52:15 ET

man everything sucks ass im just fucking tired of

everything just isnt falling into place right... i just

hate everything i just need a change i need to get the fuck

out of here im slowly getting more tired and just so tired

of everything its hard to explain but just fuck everything

ive been so depressed lately and its not cool because if

you knew the person that i am im not the type that gets

depressed im usually really happy and sunny cause i just

dont like to be all down and shit cause thats just not what

i want to focus on i try and focus on the good but right

now everything is just all bad nothing i want is coming to

me and slowly im looseing everything too many let downs and

too many things to look forward to that dont seem to happen

this sucks.....


2003-10-03 23:12:17 ET

i have come to the conclusion that i have insomnia i cant

get to sleep no matter how early i go to bed or how late i

go to bet its immpossible for me to sleep it just doesnt

work last night when i went to bed i couldnt tell if i was

a sleep or awake i hate it... i can sleep during the day

but at night when im really really tired i cant sleep i

think i might be nocturnal hahahaha i just need to get a

lid and that'll help me get to sleep i hate not getting my

sleep cause then i turn into a little bitch when i dont get

my sleep i get all crabby and snappy but anyways im pretty

pissed i couldnt go out tonight cause my mom got the call

that i ditched 5th yesterday i really need to start going

to class i was doing so good i went for 2wks straight and

then i just fucked shit up but oh well high schools a waste

fuck everything im in a bad mood


when i pick up the phone... but theres still nobody home
2003-10-01 17:08:32 ET

man today was fucking hella boring i went to school sat in

the office doing nothing then went to tutorial that was

alright ditched 4th went to my friend josh's house and

watched the wall then came back to 711 for lunch to have a

stoge before i went to chem, chem was hella weak we did

nothing but i drew a really cool picture and gave it to my

good friend wishcracks and went to 711 after school to let

lauren hug me for a little while cause she loves giving me

hugs and tells me how cute i am shes so great and yeah i

really didnt want to be there cause i hate being there but

its so close and im too lazy to walk elswhere to have a

stoge and its so close to the school why walk further but

yeah then my friend mike was nice enough to give me some

bus money cause my ass be broke these days with no job and

then i came home and watched the wall again but this time

with comentary so its better because then like the scenes

that i dont understand i get now and then towards the end i

fell asleep cause im overly exhausted and then i got woke

up because it was dinner time and now im talking to the

erics and nell bell and yeah i gotta wash the kitchen floor

and i think after that im gonna go to bed im too fucking



i got terminated..... hella dumb shit
2003-09-29 19:00:39 ET

hella bad shit has happened but yet some good shit followed

the shit all started bad when i got fired from pizza hut

because i didnt get my work permit renewed man it was hella

gay i was so made cause they didnt tell me that i would

loose my job over some retarted ass shit like that man it

was lame but then my mom wasnt really trippin about it she

acctually was pretty cool about it but then like good shit

i went to my friend josh's house on fryday night and it was

hella fun and then i got in trouble on saturday when i came

home cause my brother was mad that i spent the night at my

friends house he thinks i was at amandas but anyways like

my mom was gone for the weekend and he got hella pissed

cuse i went against the house rules or whatever so i

couldnt go out on saturday but i hella convinced him that i

stayed at amandas house so he wasnt trippin about that

anymore and then on sunday he let me smoke some hooka with

his friends i hope that i dont get kicked off about talking

about smoking hooka cause its not illegal or anything but

yeah so that was hella chill and he didnt even tell my mom

that i spent the night some where but yeah i dunno i dont

think this guy that im into is really into me anymore cause

like i keep asking him if he wants to hang out and i dunno

its not like he acctually says yeah dude lets chill its

like yeah lets hang out sometime its hella gay man and hes

really cute too and hella sweet DAMMIT!!!!


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