in the flesh!!
2003-09-23 19:57:26 ET

So ya

Thought ya

Might like to go to the show

To feel the warm thrill of confusion

That space cadet glow

Tell me is something eluding you sunshine ?

Is this not what you expected to see ?

If you want to find out what's behind these cold eyes ?

You'll just have to claw your way through the



what the fuck is wrong with me
2003-09-21 23:47:02 ET

why is it bad shit always seems to follow in my path here i

am trying to figure out why im coughing so much but yet no

stuffy nose, no head ache, no fever, no cold symptoms or

flu symptoms just major bad coughing for no reason what the

fuck i hate this shit i gotta get up in like 5 hours to go

to school and i dont even know what the fuck is wrong with

me tonight has been the worst night of this shit and i said

something to my mom and does she care nope it'll pass amy

your fine but im not fucking fine cause i dont know what

the fuck is wrong with me i mean is it so much to ask to

find out what the hell is wrong with me so it will go the

fuck away i cant take this anymore im tired of sleepless

nights because of this shit i fucking hate not knowing

whats going on with my body


2003-09-21 19:37:12 ET

this weekend was alright it could've been better if i

werent so damn lazy..... so fryday night i went to the

football game my first one my friend told me to go and this

guy that i kinna like was gonna be there so i was like

arlight i dont have to work and i have nothing else better

to do so i went it was alright my school lost but oh well i

dont care but yeah their was some funny shit that happened

like these two po's started chasing this kid cause their

was a fight and they like ran accross the football feild to

try and catch this kid but he got away and then i just sat

there talking to my friends and this cutie guy and then hmm

saturday went to work and then waited like 2 hours for

lanell to get off of work and then finally we went to

josh's house and that was kinna gay cause we didnt do

anythign at all but watch that 70's show and i told his

brother that i would give him a dollar if he went and ran a

lap around their neighborhood and he did but didnt give him

the dollar damn im shady hahahahaha but yeah today hella

sucked i had to go to work and i couldnt even sit down we

were so busy and my feet hella hurt and then i get a call

from my mom saying yeah i cant pick you up because im

eating dinner so you have to walk home i was like fuck you

i was so mad not only did i have to walk home but that

selfish bitch didnt even bring me home any food damn her

but yeah that was my fucked up gay weekend

2003-09-15 20:00:37 ET

zippo's toilet paper yeah thats true and the ashtrays just

a petting zoo

were not gonna piss in a cup no were gonna fuk shit up

shooting up and smokeing dope live fast die young is what

we hope

drinking forties and snorting speed were gonna do just what

we need

strait strong white and het

twisting the words of minor threat beer not coffe in our cup

we wish that we could fuk shit up

we the punx are out to night we're gonna start a riot what

a sight

burning cop cars and looting stores

eat the rich because were poor

nazi cops and nazi skins sometimes it seems theyre gonna win

gotta stick together gotta tighten up then were gonna fuk

shit up

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