awesome suprise
2003-08-21 21:48:08 ET

holy shit yesterday i got quite a suprise it was any normal wednesday morning for me i was still asleep at 10:30 in the morning then all of a sudden i hear the doorbell ring i thought it was my brothers PO then i herd my door open and i was thinking who the fuck would be coming to my house at 10:30 in the morning cause usually no one wakes up till 12 or 1 so i turn around and who do i see walking through my door but CYNDI LOU thats who..... it was crazy cause she said that she wasnt going to visit till november i was so excited but it was really strange for some reason it didnt even really feel like she left i mean it just feels like she was gone for a really long week its crazy but its good that shes home i hella missed her so much i wish she could stay here...... but yeah im really really happy that shes here..... the only things that we have really been doing is just trying to get her to see everyone she possibly can she looks so good i mean she still looks the same only a slight different.... hhehehehehe im so happy!!!!

gathering in the bathroom
2003-08-16 22:39:36 ET

yesterday was hella sick i cant metion much of what

happened but i think that you get the idea well anyways my

friend lanell had a small get together at her house last

night there were 7 of us and we kicked it in her bathroom

and it was really fun and funny you just had to have been

there and understand what we were doing well that was

pretty much what happened i wish i could explain more but

ill get kicked off if i do well anyways today was pretty

dull i went to bed at like 6 this morning i dont know why

but for some reason i couldnt get to sleep anyways work

sucked ass i only worked for 2 hours i wish i could've

worked longer cause i need to make some god damn money but

then after work i hung out with lanell and we went to

clarks house and hung out there it was pretty chill but

yeah this weekend has been pretty dull but i was happy to

find out that i can still go to lollapalooza which is sick

but i just have to make sure that my ass doesnt get into

trouble for the next 2 days or im fucked

2003-08-14 20:38:09 ET

today was pretty sick we went to san jose and saw a free

concert it was EVE 6 that played it was hella fun it was

crazy like we were walking back to lanells car to get her

money so she could get food and while walking to her car we

say eve 6 walking towards us and we didnt know it was them

at first and then i said to everyone i was like that guy

with the red fro looks like the lead singer and then we

walked back to the park and they got up on stage and i was

like dude i told you that was them it was chill but yeah

that was pretty much my day and then we all went back to

lanells house and ate some ice cream and raviollis and


2003-08-13 22:31:16 ET

Iím moving in this place, I struggle everyday

Sometimes easy, sometimes hard

Now I know what itís all about, I have no where to hide

Living with strangers, back to bases, learning how to

Now I maybe know how to
Stand by me

Cause I feel alive, knowing what I feel inside

I just speak my mind, tell me Ďbout the human inside

If you know what I mean, then you know what Iím up to

I say what I feel, then Iím in control this time

The fellowship that we have, will last for a long, long time

Together we have so much fun

Itís a party everyday, the happiness will stay

So turn on you TV, I know you can see me, Iím giving you my

Now I maybe know how to
Stand by me

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