mmmm spagetti uuuhhhhh!!!
2003-09-04 20:10:49 ET

damn today turned out to be a pretty cool day i thought it

was all going to be bad when i missed my bus this morning

cuase the mutha fucka came like 5min early damn assholes

but it was all good cause another bus came when it was

suppose to come so i got to bowling on time..... i didnt

bowl a good game though cause i suck at that but it was all

good cause my friend amanda got switched to my team and

then the rest of the day was alright and then after school

i walked home with my friend mike which was sick because i

thought i was going to have to walk that journey alone but

it was chill that we walked together then hmmm oh yeah i

came home and just chilled with my mom for a while then

cracks called and was like yeah my mom wants you and lanell

to come over for dinner and then she tells me better news

her mom was making spagetti oh my god her mom makes some of

the best food i have ever had but her spagetti is the shit

damn i was so happy so then i did my chores and my mom gave

me ride to her house we just kicked it there for a long

time and then we went to the creek to look at all the

taggings and then i made a cool braclet while she cleaned

her room and finally the wonderful dinner was done oh my

god it was so good her mom made hella food their was corn

(but i didnt eat that), macarooni salad, regular salad,

bread, and well the main dish my good god it was so tasty

and good my tummy still hurts from eating that and so yeah

that was my pretty good day.........


school sucks
2003-09-03 17:50:45 ET

damn i hate being back at school i hate seeing the same

people..... i wish that we acctually got cool new people at

my school maybe im just missing them there all hiding from

me anyways the new schedule we have this year is acctually

pretty cool on mondays we dont start till like 9 and on

some days i dont have to go to school still 10 because i

have bowling in the morning so on some days i dont have to

go which is chill but thats not that often and my classes

arient really that bad except for my american studies class

that shit is so hard and it sucks cause i just got

transfered into that class yesterday so im already hella

behind but umm hmmm nothing really exciting has been

happening uhhh nope thats pretty much it.... well im kinna

mad right now because at school i hardly ever see steve and

i wish that i could see him more but it was cool that i got

to kick it with him this weekend i just wish that i could

talk to him about what he told me and find out if hes for

real about it or if he was just saying all that crap to try

and fuck me i really hope not cause i like him a lot but

umm yeah ATMOSPHERE IS FUCKING AWESOME and i cant wait to

see them in santa cruz!!!! ehh i was just thinking about

that so i thought i would add it in


having a good time
2003-09-01 02:05:36 ET

holy shit the past two days have been sick like ive just been hanging out with people and shit and getting to know them last night my bro had a party it was sick and then we wnt to his friends house that was having a party and i met some hella sick people tonight my bro had another party and like alright i was just chillin and stuff and like people were kinna talking to me and then later like my friend sean well hes kinna my bros friend but hes like a kinna meaner version of my bro and his brother josh was talking to me like forever me and josh were talking like i dunno he was hella opeaning up to me like he4 was telling me hella shit and i asked me i was like do you ever talk like thsi to other people and hes liek sometimes well soem people he was like well i feel really comfortable talkng to you and everoyne who reads this you have no idea like a lot of people who talk to me are like dude i can talk to you about anything like i feel really comfortable and thats really co you know what i mean well anyways........ PARTY PEOPLE ROCK!!!!!! ROCK THE CASBAH!!!!!!

2003-08-23 22:46:12 ET

holy shit i totally forgot to put how fucking awesome

lollapalooza was it was so awesome like we went to all

these booths and stuff and wishcracks jacked me some

earings and a shirt and i jacked this really cool

beaded/shell braclet thats hella sick and then me and

wishcracks got the same rasta braclet and yeah it was sick

the bands were hella sick like the donnas sucked just cause

their a hella lame ass band jurrasic 5 was hella sick and A

Perfect Circle was so fucking sick i was so excited cause

my mom had seats and she was hella close and she said that

she took some pictures of maynard for me which is hella

tight and then like since the chick bass player of APC left

they had Twiggie playing for them which was hella sick i

know wishcracks was hella happy cause she loves twiggie and

then Incubus came on their acctaully really good live and

Audioslave was hella sick they did a cover of a white

stripes song its the newest one that they have out and then

Chris Cornell and Maynard did a cover of a elvis costello

song which was hella sick and Janes Addiction came on which

was really awesome wishcracks got some really good pictures

of them playing but what sucked is their set was really

short like incubus and audioslave played hella dayz longer

than janes addiction played but it was still sick it wasnt

ass cool as when i saw them play like 2 years ago but it

was a hella sick time.......


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