2002-11-28 10:52:01 ET

i hate this holiday its so boring to me and well the food is good but its still pretty boring but i hope that it gets better when cyndi gets here cause that'll be great but yeah

damn stuffing
2002-11-27 21:41:13 ET

damn why did my picture have to have stuffing on it "GUFF"

good mood!!!
2002-11-27 21:39:14 ET

im in such a good mood im so fucking happy i cant stop smiling cause this guy i like aww he likes me and i just cant stop thinking about him and when i try not to he pops back in my head and i cant stop smiling im so happy IM SO HAPPY!!!!!! awww so happy ok i think im done with the happiness ill probobly write more tomarrow about being happy hahaha

Great Day!!!
2002-11-26 14:55:06 ET

i had such a great day im in one of the best moods cause i just found out that this guy i like well likes me so its awesome im really happy hmmm thats pretty much all that happened to me today and ive just been up in the clouds all day!!!!! SO HAPPY AM I

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