at school listening to tool
2002-11-25 08:29:35 ET

im in the fucking library its pretty boring but its chill cause im listening to tool (H) the song im listeing too anyways i must be going later

2002-11-24 17:50:43 ET

oh my god last night was so fun holy shit i dont even know where to begin hmm lets start at alexs house ok so i was at my good friend alex's house because his parents were gone for the day and we were just hanging out me, him, and wishcracks and yeah anyways like we were all hella hungry so we made some salad and that was so fucking bomb anyways we were about to meet up with our friend clark and we decided to smoke a bowl so we went in his back yard and got elevaded ok i was spelling it wrong in my other entrys its not elevated its (elevaded) so that was my bad anyways so we did taht and right as we were about to leave me and wishcracks both stepped in dog shit and it sucked but oh well so yeah after that we met up with clark and he had some twist so we went behind this resturant to an ally so clark could drink because he was getting really ancy about it but then people were coming so we were like fuck this and went to the park we went there and clark too a shot then alex then me then laura and it was fun then like i waited awhile and took more so yeah anyways later my friends krysta, simon, and tyson came and we shared with them and simon shared his 40oz with us and then yeah like we were just hanging out there forever then like we met some other people that we knew and the just like stayed to say high adn then left and then we were just hanging out and hella people left and then cyndi came and we were all pretty trashed and then we went to de anza park and we met up with clarks friend ariel (yes its a guy) and we hung out there for awhile then cyndi was kind enough to take me to yak on the box and get me a burger and then she took me home and when we pulled up to my house there were so many people standing outside i was like what the fuck and then my brother was being a dick and made cyndi leave (IM SORRY CYNDI) and then i went inside and i got to see hella people i havent seen in a long time like i saw this one guy that went to my school last year and i thought he was really hot and stuff but i thought that he didnt like me or whatever because some shit got spred aroudn that was just nonsense and anyways like right when i walked in the door he came and tapped me on the shoulder and put his arms out for me to hug him and i was like what i thought you didnt like me and he was like no your awesome and i was like ok and then like we went out in my back yard to have a cigarette and we were jsut talking about music and stuff and then like he wanted me to show him pictures that i had of the casualties and so i was taking him to my room and then my brother was like whats going on and i was like wtf nothing and then he made us go back to the living room so we went back to the back yard and then my brother gave me and mick some beer and we jsut sat drinking for awhile and then like 30min later we went to micks car and got really really elevaded and then we came back to my house and like everyone was gone and then like mick turned on point break and i was watching that with him for a little while then i passed out and woke up when the tv turned back on and then i got up and went to bed i was so out of it and yes that night was great that was something that i had been needing for a long time... today was cool my friend alex's parents got into a fight so he came over really early this morning and we talked and hung out for awhile and then i went to the park with some other friends and they got elevaded but i stayed sober because i needed to recover from the night before so yeah that was my great weekend!!!!!!

Getting Elevated
2002-11-23 11:03:29 ET

oh my god last night was so great like i waited for days for my mom toget home but she never camehome so i said fuck it and i left and i went to the secret spot to get elevated with some friends it was so great we got really fucked and then like we all went back to my house and then like my friend krysta got picked up and then like clark and tyson left to get some drink and then alex got picked up and cyndi took wishcracks home it kinna sucked cause everyone had to go home early but hopefully today will be a lot better since im going to be leaving pretty soon to go get faded to im excited about that but yeah anyways last night was really cool

Shitty day but also good
2002-11-21 16:53:16 ET

today was a pretty cool dayi got to see me cyndi and yeah she took us to carls jr and my friend amanda got some french fries but she got the wrong order and so she took someones burger and it was reallycool but yeah so that was hella funny but yeahtoday got shitty because i broke up with my boyfriend today i feel so fucking bad but its just that the whole relationship was pissing me off and like i dunno relationships are bullshit but yeah so that suckedbut he acctually took it really well which i guess is cool but i feel like such a bitch uhh *sigh* guys sucks now i dont really mean that but im jst in a fucked up mood

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