2002-11-20 19:35:18 ET

I'm feeling nothing
but all alone
just missing someone
i dont even know
but until i find them
i'll wait patiently
just feeling nothing
inside of me

and where are you baby
where can you be
why arent you here
loving me
'cause i wont to kiss you
and make you feel right
i want to lay with you
all through the night

and i want to feel passion
i want to feel pain
i want to weep at the sound of your name
come make me laugh
or come make me cry
just make me feel

and so i wait
for that glorious day
when the one i dream of
comes my way
and when our lips touch
so tenderly
i know ill feel something
inside of me

i wanna feel passion
i wanna feel pain
i want to weep at the sound of your name
come make me laugh
or some make me cry
just make me feel

-joey lauren adams

i really like that song its from the movie Chasing Amy and i was thinking of this song today and i thought hey ill hunt down the lyrics to this cause its a great song but yeah anyways

i got to see my good friend alex today in the morning i hung out with him and then like today my friend wishnack had it all planned that she was going to kick this one chicks ass but that was before she decided to take DX anyways she took that shit and was like completely off all day and so yeah that was pretty much the only thing that happened...

Wild Horses
2002-11-19 17:56:14 ET

Childhood living is easy to do. the things you wanted
i bought them for you. Graceless know who i am
you know i cant let you slide through my hands wild horses
couldnt drag me away. wild,wild horses couldnt drag me,

i watched you suffer a dull aching pain. now you decided to
show me the same. no sweeping exits or offstage lines
can make me feel bitter or treat you unkind. wild horses
couldnt drag me away. wild, wild horses couldnt drag me

i know i dreamed you a sin and a lie, i have my freedom but idont have much time. faith had been broken tears must be
cried, lets do some living after we die. wild horses,horses
couldnt take me away wild wild horses we'll ride them someday

wild horses, couldnt drag me away, wild, wild horses couldnt drag me away......
-Rolling Stones

i love this song my good friend alex burned me a cd and it has this some on it and i just love it but yeah so umm yesterday was so funny like at lunch these two chicks that i know got into a fight and what made it really funny is that there both really ghetto chicks it was hella funny but yeah that was about all that happened and well im kinna having problems with my boyfriend right now i dunno joe if you read this umm yeah i dont know what to say so never mind that so yeah oh yesterday i went to a NA(Narcotics Annonomous) meeting with my friend clark and it was hella funny i feel bad though for all those recovering people but yeah it was funny just some of the stuff that people would say but yeah i got to see my friend mike there hes cool hes kind of a tweak but i think thats just from all the drugs hes done but yeah so im excited tomarrow i have a late start which means i dont start school till 9:50 which is great but yeah

Insomnia and sick
2002-11-17 23:00:01 ET

god i cant fucking go to sleep... like i tried to go to sleep like an hour ago and i was starting to dose off when out of nowhere i started feeling really dizzy then like i dunno my stomach felt like all vibratingish but it didnt hurt like i was going to puke but then like i could feel like i was going to in my throat but then like my stomach just felt like i dunno strange but not yakingstrange i dunno im just really pissed that my body feels funny and that i cantget to sleep uhh im so tired butit sucks causelike ill getup and walk aroundto see if the feeling in my stomach goes away then it does i go back to laydown in my bed anditstarts to come back again then i switch positions and it stops for like 2min then it comes back again so yeah i really hope thisshit goes away soon buti think thati might walk around some more godi hope thisshitgoes away i really dont wanna yake its like my biggest fear i hatethisshit aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Got to see my Nephew
2002-11-17 18:34:09 ET

i was so excited like last night i saw my nephew but he was sleeping and anyways this morning when i got up i was so happy cause i got to play with him hes so big now hes 14months and hes so awesome it was cute like he was crying and stuff so i took him outside to look at the flowers and plants and trees and he got really happy and i took some peadles from a flower and sprinkeled them on his head and he giggled it was so cute and then after about 15 of being outside we went inside and my brother eric was like yeah but the boy over here with me and i did that and then jacob started crying and he put his arms out for me to take him away from eric it was really funny... but yeah after my brother rob and his wife left my boyfriend came over and we met up with alex and tony then we went to clarks house and hung out there for awhile i got alittle buzzed and then we went to de anza park and i saw my brother there so i went and said hi to him and i was talking with him and some of his friends for like a half and hour and they were all pretty faded then i wentbackwith my friends and then clark poked krysta in the eye with a stick and shestarted crying and yeah clark felt really really bad and then me andmy boy friend came back to my hosue and we had dinner and my mom was pointing at him and he smaked her had away and she gothella pissed it was pretty funny though and then yeah hejust left and so hmmm

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