just another day!
2002-10-16 19:45:47 ET

ohtoday wasalright!oh sorry my space bar isbeing abitch so thatswhy sometimesmy words get stuck together so anywaysyeahi went to school that sucked umm ididntgethigh today but iwas supposeto buti got to hear a really cool song thatmy friendsophia played forme itsby bone thugsand harmonybut its a fucking awesomesong
so yeah ohlast night i got intot his big fight with my boy friends friend well hesmy friend to but idunno not rightnow wellanyways i got into a big fight with him causehe thinks thatimlike stealingaway his bestfriendand shitlike that uhh hes fucking dick headanyways that hella pissed me offlastnight but today wasbetter umm yeha iwent to my friend clarks house after school and watched amovie then iwalked my boy friend homeandclarkcameby my house togive me acigarettecause hes just so damn nice and yeah that wasitohand i gottotalkt o areally good friend of mine itwasgreat...umm thats it ofmy boringassday i cantwait till FRYDAY!!!!!causethen igetto getdrunk yeah and ihope that i geto goto the flogging molly show tomarrow dammit val please callme

lazy day!
2002-10-14 21:45:49 ET

today was alright. i didnt have school today which was great. i got to sleep in for awhile till emily called me at like 10:30 telling my ass to wake up. so i got up waited for her to get down to my house then i called my boy friend so he would get his ass down to my house and then emilys boy showed up at my house and we had him go out and get her a pack while we watched the lord of the rings with my brother. its weird i thought that movie was gonna be really dumb but its acctually pretty good. so after clark got back with the cigarettes we decided to go to TARGET and visit our good friend cyndi... cause we missed her and we had nothing else better to do no really its cause we missed you cyndi... anyways we waited at the bus stop for like 30min and in that time we called my good friend alex and told him to meet us at another bus stop so that he could go visit cyndi with us.. so we went down to target and waited for days so cyndi could go on a break.. then finally she did and we all enjoyed a nice cigarette with her.. then she went back to work and we set out back for home... we acctually ended up at my friend clarks house after walking for so fucking long then we grubbed and then emily and joe came back to my house emily got picked up and me and my boyfriend just kicked it at my house watching tv.. then my mom came home and was like yeah we got a package and its one of your christmas gifts and i emmediatly snactched the box and ran with it to see what was inside then my mom took it from me and she opened it up and she got my and my brother cell fones which im so happy she did cause now i can fucking get a hold of my friends and they can talk to me and shit so that was cool then joe left and i watched the simpsons and did homework so today was alright but i wish that i would've been drunk, at a show, or stoned!!!!!!

out to lunch!
2002-10-13 21:48:35 ET

yeah today i slept really really late and then i called up my friend cyndi and asked her if she wanted to kick it and she said that she was going out to lunch with some friends and she asked if i wanted to go so i was like hell yeah i wanna go. so we went out to lunch at this irish resturant which was pretty cool i wanted one of their glasses and i asked for one but they guy wouldnt let me take it cause he was a dick but anyways after that i hung out with cyndi and johnathan for a little while then johnathan dropped me off at home oh yeah while i was at cyndis after we ate i finally got my pictures from the flogging molly/ casualties show i was so happy but anyways like i called up my friend alex to see what he was doing and he was hanging out with some people and he asked me to meet him at the park and i said fuck that cause it was too far so he said that later he and my boy friend would stop by so they did and they came with tony and clark they stayed here for about 5min then they left and i watched half a movie called SLEEPERS its really good but really fucked up and then i decided to come online and talk to friends and add this so yeah i hope tomarrows gonna be fun to like today was!!! im happy i got to see you today cyndi i love you

drinking at the secret spot!!!
2002-10-12 21:53:30 ET

today was so great! my friend alex's mom got us somet 40's and we were drinking all day it was so much fun. like he came to my house with them and my mom was leaving like right as he got there and like his mom was waiting outside to give us the 40's and then his mom started talking to my mom and my mom was like yeah i just hope those kids areint going to be driking and smoking and alex's mom was like yeah i hope not to and then my mom left and alex's mom was like yeah im gonna go now and alex was all well what about the 40's mom and she was like dotn worry im coming right back and then we got the 40's and me emily and alex went down to this secret spot that i have near my house and we were just chilling and drinking and then we called up my friend tony and told him that we had a 40 waiting for him so he was like well meet me at the park. so we went to the park to me him, latino heat, and my boyfriend joe there so we went to tonys house and drank there and i got drunk and my friend emilys boy friend like killed the rest of a 40 that i was drinking and he got sick to his stomach and trew up it was so fucking funny then we went to this one place called burrito factory and asked some mexican guy named angel to get us a pack of cigarettes. then we left to the park again. we were hanging out there for awhile and my boy friend and my friend clark went to go get stoned and then came back and then joe and tony left to tonys real quick then we headed to the ampm so clark could get a pack of cigarettes and then we went back to the secret spot and finished up drinking well me tony clark and alex were drinking my boy friend just got really stoned because he doesnt like drinking and it was so much fun then we decided to hang out at my pool and finish off the last 2 40's and then my mom comes walking up while were drinking and smokeing and shes like whats going on here and we were like nothing and then she was all yeah you have to come home in like 30min and i was like yeah ok (yeah like that happened) so we hung out there for like another hour or so then we came back to my house and my friend tony was so drunk and started talking to my mom and she was like yeah are you kids staying out of trouble and not being bad and tony was like bad what are you talking about im in the 4H club it was really great you just had to be there, then everyone left and i was pretty buzzed and it was just a good day!!!

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