Young Girl
2002-10-24 19:25:30 ET

We were young girls in a small world
Im on your doorstep man
Ringin your bell again Ringing your bell again

Im sorry Gerti Rouge all that youre through
Looking for love that never stabbed your heart
ANd probably never will
Its a lie when you are telling the truth
Its the truth when you are telling a lie
Spread your legs then get down on your knees
And pray it never happens again

Well here i am on your doorstep again
I let the winds of time pass through my life
Maybe theres an end
WHo the fuck protects you?
Who the fuck is going to resurrect you?
Its a sorrowed truth the truth is not a ie
Come on up baby
Dont go and burn in the fire
my favorite band
The Distillers

2002-10-23 19:52:24 ET

yeah today was ok i got to see my cyndi today that was awesome and it was a late start today which was cool too but yeah i went with my boy friend and taped himtalking about salamanders today for our bio class it wasgreat then i helped himand this really awesomechick named amanda tapethis other thing for bio about pesticydes it wasso fucking funny butyeah it sucks that im grouned cause my mom keeps getting on my ass about like every little thing and itfucking sucks balls butoh wellhopefully she get overit soon but yeah last night i got into a fight with my friend laura (wishcracks) it sucked cause like i told her that i dont like how like she kinna excludes me from like her andjune and then she wasall coming off like she didnt give a shit about like how she wasmaking me feel and that hella pissed me off and made me really sad but we talked today about it and she aplogized so its cool but i dunno i think that thingsare still gonna beweird but yeah so i hope thati get to fucking do something soon fuck im pissed that i cant get fadedthisweekend since alex got another bottle of the twist shitdammit butoh well oh yeah my friend got busted today at school cause he was ditching and he got caught for that and when youget caught for ditching you getsearhed and he got in hella shit cause he washigh and he had a pipe on him so hes suspended for 3 days and they gave himsometest shit but i dunno what thehell that was allabout but that sucks ass and my friend emily got in troublefor throwing something ather moms windsheild and cracked the window so shes grounded too damn this shit sucks but hopefully mymom will let me out this weekend to go see emily but yeah ok thats all

Get Off my Back
2002-10-19 20:30:08 ET

you wanna take controlofme but i wont let you do it
you say you know whats best for me. im gonna make you prove it

your always complaining at me
get off my back
why wont you just let me be
get off my back

tell me this, tell me that, ive heard it all before
you still bitch, my back is turned, im walking out the door

your always complaining at me
get off my back
we wont you let me be
get off my back
your always bitching all the time
you want my time, you know its mine
you're always jumping on my back
let me be myself!

i talk and talk, you wont listen, you're stubborn as a well
you always bitch, you make me nuts, im gonna take a fall!

-The Casualties

2002-10-18 19:07:10 ET

hey everyone who reads this im pretty fuciking drunk rightnow idunno im like a littlle drunk rightnow but yeah i wasworseearileryeah my spacebaris still being gay
yeah igot drunk with krysta, emily, joe , clark, tony whowasbeing a bitch thewhole time, andalex itwassomuch fun oh my godwedrank this vodka twistshit it wassofucking good but anyways that like after schoolalexcame downandwas like yeahihave drink andi waslike lets go drink itand he waslike alright soyeahwewent to the secret spot to gotfaded itwassogreat then we waited foremilys dad tocomeandpick herup thenwe came to my house tony wasbeing gay andtried goingtosleep on my floor andmy mom waslike were you drinking and i waslikeno and she was like come into my room she waslik youwere ddrinking i can smell iton you and iwaslike no momwewerentandthenshe gothella pissed andmade everyonegohomeand i waslik fuck so im grouned till january frist but like thats gonna stopme from beingdrunk hahhahaa
soyeah ansyways tahts sucksbut at least she didnt yell atme which i srealy really cool so anyways ill write later imtired drinking fucking rocks and fuck tony forbeing a litlte fuckingbitch dammit my mom wouldnt have know if itwernt for himfuck that fat fuck anywayslater

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