2002-10-06 15:15:05 ET

hey i forgot to mention that i saw cyndi last night at work but she was hella busy i mean hella busy so we ddint really get to talk cyndi i love you and we need to hang out very soon!!!

weekend sucked
2002-10-06 15:14:20 ET

this weekend sucked so bad i mean fryday was pretty cool cause i got to spend the night at my friend emilys house which was cool and last night wasnt that bad except that we couldnt find anything to fucking do.. so when we decided to go home we waited at the bus stop for like and hour and found out that we were at the wrong one so we had to go to the right bus stop and wait there for another hour for the bus to come and then like we were being all loud and talkign about shit and some bitch lady was all like keep it down and shit but anyways today sucked i couldnt go anywhere and my friend emily was off getting drunk with out me my mom was being a fucking bitch cause shes all sick and shit so i had to stay home and i just slept all day and its so hot!!!!!!!! yeah that was my shitty weekend i hope next weekends better cause then i get to go see the unseen in san fran and i get to spend the weekend with emily while her dads gone hehehe PARTY i hope oh yeah my friend amanda might drive up to see me tonight with her friend danielle cause they have nothing else better to do i bet she wont coem though but oh well later

i need a cigarette
2002-10-03 14:59:28 ET

ahh today sucked ass... i wish that my friend emily would've come and visited me today!!! dammit but anyways im out of money and i need a fucking cigarette and my mom is being a fucking bitch and oh yeah the only exciting thing that happened today was this guy i know got arrested today cause he was like i guess running from his po cause he had a dirty bottle so i mean that sucks and shit but that was like the big thing of the day... so yeah

school fucking sucks!!!
2002-10-02 21:03:00 ET

ahh i hate being in school i still wish it was summer cause then i could still get drunk on weekdays and not have to stress about anything.. and my brothers a fucking smelly bitch uhh anyways theres nothing really going on with me umm ill let you all know when something big happens hopefully soon!!!

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