i'm trendy!..yar!    2005-07-21 06:57:32 ET
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 grrrrr    2005-07-20 20:56:43 ET
i want screws...i want wires, i want my box, and a little bit of time......NOW! i'm so impatient.

 teh weekend..2    2005-07-17 17:12:58 ET
so the weekend started out with charlie and the chocolate factory, i give it an 8.5 it was good but could've been better, this is kinda sadistic, but i with the children had died, they were all so fucking nasty and snobby, i really don't like snobby people, i also saw a girl there had obviously been leading me on...oh well, thats' what i get. saturday i mowed my lawn, then went to brads where we played paintball for a while, until they nagged at me for not having my mask all the way on, because i couldn't see, due to the fact it was a.) raining and b) my mask was fogged up, so i couldn't see period, so we just used some of our paintballs and target shot for a while. it was fun, then we got ready and went to see charlie and the chocolate factory...this was my 2nd time. and it was better the 2nd time i saw it. i also ordered my clothes and my new subwoofers with the box, i should get it all together by the end of this month, then i'ma look really hot...or i wish i would at least lol. anyway, today me and brad went to a book store where we saw our buddy kat from high school, and then we just drove around, listening to the radio...and now i'm here...trying to stay cool about getting my stuff in...that's probably one thing i hate about waiting for something in the mail, i know it's coming, but never know when it'll get here.

 sooooooo....    2005-07-12 07:25:25 ET
i don't know what it is, but i've had this wierd feeling lately, i can't sleep, can barely eat, i feel anxious, and i don't know why, i can't explain it anymore than that, because if i do i start crying. it feels like i'm lonely, that's about the best i can say, lonely and empty. but i really don't know why, i don't really have a good reason, other than when i come home from work...no one is there. no one is close to me here at work that i know. and, i just feel like falling off the world. and i really don't know why!...but anyway, i guess that's my jive for a few days. i have to go work now, i guess i'll catch ya later guys. peace.

 shew.    2005-07-07 16:53:23 ET
this week, although it was a whole four days long, has been hell...and i'm glad it's almost over, i plan on getting gas in the morning, and then going to brads where i'm going to chill til i'm a fucking ice block, now as corny as that was, it's all true, i really don't feel like going back to work tomorrow, yet i have to...i have to endure 8 more hours of hell to get to the weekend where i'll be pressed for things to do. eh well....so i've been talking to this new girl named latrese, she's very beautiful, she's kind, she's got a country accent that i think is cute as hell, problem is i really don't know if she digs me or not....i'm supposed to call her 'anytime i want' past 11, so, i'll give her a ring sometime past 11. just like she says. brad, what do you think man...you seem to talk to her more than i do...so she probably tells you more. anyway, i think i'm going to play a couple songs on ddr, and then settle down and see the price of some subwoofers on ebay...peace out everyone.

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