droplets and driplets?2005-12-27 09:30:25 ET

Work sure is boring when your boss doesn't show up to tell you what to do.

After making an attempt to fix my mouse I've been sitting at my desk all morning reading this site. It disturbs me how bad people's grammar is and especially how ineffectively they use punctuation.
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Goose chasing and mushroom hunting2005-12-24 23:02:28 ET

It sure takes all the magic out of it when your mom makes you put all the gifts under the tree.
My friend's dad's theme for this year's X-mas is "I'm dreaming of a white Kwanzaa". That made me laugh.
I hope all of your solstice inspired celebrations are going as well as you could want.

I never could get the hang of Thursdays2005-12-22 07:01:07 ET

Ever since the invention of morning I can only think of one major improvement made, tea or coffee. Now we all know that morning has some serious drawbacks and could use a complete overhaul, after all it is pretty damn old. So who's with me on my mission to give morning a revamping?
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2005-12-15 11:21:53 ET

How can one face have so much snot in it?

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