tastes like blue2005-11-17 16:07:28 ET

I'd just like to give a personal thanks to Mold.
Thank you Mold.
You alone have made the cheese I'm eating taste so good.

Now stay off my bread!
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Lala la lalala lala laaa!2005-11-15 22:44:14 ET

I saw Camper Van Beethoven tonight, it was a great show.
The band I'm infatuated with opened, half the reason I went (at least).
I should have been working on my lab report, it's about muon lifetimes (our data is half noise; this makes analysis a bitch).

-just remember the song doesn't end 'till you start singing

TGFOP-ylicious2005-11-13 16:14:17 ET

After reading my last post I'm sure you're saying to yourself "So you go on this bike ride, now what do you have to show for it?" A reasonably response, to which I give:
Some Pictures of Quasi-Artistic Value!

old brussel sprout leaves apparently turn purple

modern hieroglyphics

interestingly shaped rocks

interestingly shaped rocks giving rise to interestingly shaped puddles

I fell out of my snail shell

obligatory train tracks picture
this one is best viewed full scale
it hurts my eyes

and at the end, there was a cappuccino2005-11-10 15:32:33 ET

No results yet from the lab, so I went on a bike ride

(I started at the end and went towards the triangle)
Now it's off to an ISO meeting, if I can find it.

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