It's just a flesh wound2005-05-28 14:25:27 ET

while cleaning the house last night I topped my list of stupid ways I've injured myself. I cut my hand on a loaf of bread.

My plan2005-05-26 20:03:02 ET

1: finish this school year
a. study
b. find job
c. figure out living arrangements

2: the summer
a. work at found job(s)
b. take classes (language)
c. go to Vegas with pals

3: the next year
a. do thesis research
b. learn more of language
c. finish all requirements for graduation by spring
d. spend spring quarter studying abroad in Japan

4: after all this
a. discover cold fusion
b. save the world from itself
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let me try this again...2005-05-23 23:38:18 ET

Call is spring cleaning if you want, I'm not.

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