industrial tea?2005-06-02 16:37:03 ET

I was sick and tired of my tea getting cold before I finish drinking it so last night I got creative and built this

It also works to hold a whole pot


If you can see through the back of car, you will put the car into the garage successfully.2005-06-02 09:52:34 ET

This technique was invented from the study
that skillfully mixing the real world and the
world made artificially, and trying to let your
life and work convenient!
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an aspect of having too many clothes2005-05-31 22:48:31 ET

I found this in my pocket written on the back of a Walgreen’s receipt for something costing $2.29

-we were theorizing that you were having sex with the stool.
-yea, you re just jealous
-are you admitting you to having sex with the stool?
-are you admitting you were jealous?
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I'm not sure I existed today2005-05-30 20:47:14 ET

I had the opposite of a nightmare last night, sort of ruined my day.

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