1 down 98 to go2005-06-23 00:00:06 ET

Had my first legal drink at a bar, a pint of Harp, feels good to finaly be 21.
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2005-06-21 22:16:55 ET

If I start a religion the Sabbath won't be a day of the week it will simply be whenever Stairway is playing.
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A few things I’ve learned recently:2005-06-19 18:51:32 ET

There is a reason that the drink is a “white Russian” and not a “white Mexican”.

Summer presents us with too much time that goes by to quickly.

Even though they offer you graduation robes Santa Cruz does not have a dress code for graduates, I think I’ll wear a Jedi robe to mine.

No matter how productive you feel while stoned chances are you are not getting anything done.

I sure had a lot of toys as a kid, and lost surprisingly few of them.

Though it’s not logistically possible, when going to a party with people you went to high school with you will remember less people than remember you.

It can still be fun to play dress up, especially with funny hats.

During the weeks before one’s 21st birthday is when their age will prevent them from a good time the more than any other.

Everyone likes a feast, in general.
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It's become tradition2005-06-10 15:55:53 ET

My last final is completed, got a paycheck, pint of guinness, and you better believe that's Zeppelin on the radio.
That's right, I'm done with another quater!

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