wizz bang2005-07-04 13:13:25 ET

looks like it's going to be another one of those wonderful Monterey 4th of Julys where we don't really have fireworks, there are loud noises and the fog lights up different colors.
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James Burke, stand up and shout, Bad Wolf2005-07-03 11:37:53 ET

I was told over and over but I didn't believe it until now, connections really are the best way of getting a job, almost the only way of getting a good one.

To add insult to injury, or rather injury to a broken table I split my hand open the other night on the glass of the table that broke the other day. Cut down to the bone, took a piece out of my extensor digiti minimi, that's the tendon that runs down the back of you pinky, had to get about 8 stitches, it really sucks, my right hand is mostly useless now.

I've spent the last few days watching Dr. Who including the new ones that were on earlier this year. They're quite good actually, I was rather impressed by Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor, I think Tom baker will always be my favorite though.

For bonus point see if you can figure out the title of this post

I think I'm hungry2005-06-30 10:27:57 ET

I awoke the sound of the glass top of my desk breaking and my computer slamming into the wall this morning. That was fun. I have replaced it with a new one that doesnít fit the corner of my room at all. Grumph.

I donít know if this is true for everyone but I cannot feel comfortable for several hours after finding a tick on me. Any little brush of movement I feel becomes fear of finding another one. Gyawd I hate those little things.

Well Iím finally done with my house in Santa Cruz, after 3 days of moving and 3 more of cleaning itís back up to specks and I can only hope we get our deposit back.

Thereís nothing to raise your spirits like a SUV full of girls chasing you down the highway.

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summer just ain't what it used to be2005-06-27 08:43:00 ET

Didnít get the job, not going to Seattle, have a filthy house in Santa Cruz to clean if I want the deposit back, moved back in with my parents in Monterey. Let's hope something good comes of this.

On plus side I did survive my 21st birthday.

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