I might have summer job after all2005-06-07 15:37:49 ET

woooee, nothing like slipping under deadlines you didn't even know existed

going long enough with out sleep is as good as any drug2005-06-06 21:12:16 ET

can you think of an album with better song titles than this?

what's a little reign
esprit de corpse
nwobhm 2
thor is like immortal
c'mon smash the quotile
these glyphs are dusty
i love the spirit world and i love your father
vangelis again
extra man

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what I need to know in 10 hours2005-06-05 19:48:05 ET

these are all the posible topics that could be on my Electrodynamics final in the morning

1. poynting Vector, conservation of momentum & energy {stress tensor}
2. waves
- cosine or exponential form (switching back and forth)
- polarization (transversality)
3. waves in media (phase and group velocities)
- boundary conditions
- dielectrics & conductors
4. wave guides (modes, cut off frequencies)
5. reflection, refraction at interfaces
- absorption
6. potentials
- understanding how to get equations for V and A from Maxwell’s eqn.s
- solutions
- retarded potentials
7. radiation
- electric and magnetic dipole radiation
- interest in 1/r behavior of fields
- be able to compute P.V. and energy flow
8. relativity
- Lorentz transforms
- time dilation
- four vector notation
- invariance
- collision problems
9. relativistic notation for E&M

I am soo doomed! Doomed like salt!

Why I'm not studying is beyond me2005-06-04 21:12:55 ET

I was so ashmed of myself lastnight, I ot drunk at a party and me and my pal Ned couldn't remember more than a few lines of any of the shanties we used to know so well. I did make up for it by brealing up a fight between two huge guys, aperently the argument was over a piece of cake.

Garrison Keillor and Ira Glass provided today's entertainment. I just sat in the kitchen and listened to the radio most of the day then listened to more of “This American Life” and “The Prairie Home Companion” online. It's so great that they have all the old programs archived on their websites.

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