up and down the coast2005-07-20 19:18:27 ET

I went up to the city Monday and saw Camille, Beck, and some others, it was just great.

one day on the job and they're sending me to sea, I don't know if that means I did a real good job or a terrible one.

On a sad note James Doohan got beamed up to the big Enterprise in the sky...er...I think you get what I mean.

batlh Daqawlu'taH

The power of the Dio compels you!2005-07-16 23:30:22 ET

I think I had more fun in boredom tonight than I ever have previously. This included, but was not limited to:
-Throwing small rocks at crabs
-Dropping hot sauce packet out of the sunroof onto the windshield of the car and watching the wipers push them aside
-Lurking in the mall parking lot
-Betting how whether or not cars will stop at a stop sign
-And the always popular looking for Viking/pirate ghost ships

I still haven't got around to getting sfootted, I should work on that.
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stoopid fish2005-07-13 20:41:32 ET

It is difficult to take pictures of Darwin.
This is the best I could get

I think I'll make him a MySpace

X-term-in-8!!!!2005-07-06 22:50:45 ET

I have to admit in the Martian's defense; I would have invaded in just about the same way.
Joke and spoiler below...

...Except spray myself with poison!

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