causality cuases problems...2005-09-04 20:17:12 ET

I just watched a movie titled 'Primer' got some good conversation going about time travel. What would you do? rules are you can't go back before you trun the machine on, your past self will exist there untill they get in the machine, can't fit much more than just youself.

Get it off!!! get it off!!!2005-09-01 20:02:48 ET

How can I loath ticks so much and love The Tick so much?

due to exploded CD player2005-08-16 17:27:21 ET

what What do you think?
Quite a steal or pay for what you get?
Scratch that, I found a better deal a 40Gb Zen NX for $20 more
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$fortune . "in bed" #too much Perl for Jules2005-08-12 21:14:28 ET

Whenever I log on here I see the little box-o-friends and think it reads

and considering I got a fortune cookie today while at lunch with my boss that read "the time is now to make new friends" I think it apt to finally, after 2 years, add some people to by buddies here.
So tell me, who should I be friends with?

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