I loveded you gumball machine, I loveded you!2005-10-06 14:54:11 ET

This is a picture out my high school yearbook that I love dearly and thought was lost to me forever.

oh my tea shippment came just now which one should I try first?
Herbal Energizer
Rooibos Superior Grade Organic
China Temple of Heaven Gunpowder
Egyptian Chamomile
Spearmint, Broken-leaf
Masala Chai
Black Currant with Currants
Lapsang Souchong Superior
Golden Nepal TGFOP
Green Chai

I now know what to look for in a girl2005-10-05 15:27:18 ET

Jules:my brain feels sticky
Byron:don't roll it in sugar.
B:and it won't feel sticky
J:but it's too late now
B:you'll just have to lick it off.
B:yeah, well you're the one that covered your head in sugar
B:i didn't do it
J:well can't I get someone else to do it?
i suppose.
B:but who wants to do that?
J:I'm sure there is someone out there that'll lick my brain clean
B:find them
B:they are a keeper
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flasks with chickens on make Jules happy2005-10-02 18:51:19 ET

Can tortilla chips and salsa comprise an entire meal?

this upcoming week is going to be another heck-ish one as all the bus drivers here in Santa Cruz are on strike. This is really a problem because the vast majority of students use the buses to get up to campus because there is extremely limited parking up on our hill. It's only a 2 mile walk for me to the base of campus but that means I have to get up twenty minutes earlier than my already to friggin' early 7:00.

Here's a picture of Darwin's new friend I promised you

Its name is Hna which stands for 'his noodly appendage'.

2005-09-30 21:51:23 ET

...For christmas...

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