2005-11-07 11:06:20 ET

We need an angry dome.

Mwhahahaheeheehee!2005-11-02 08:04:38 ET

Bobo is a Giant Ant that rides around in a Metal Tripod, is trying to Destroy the World, projects a Purple Forcefield, and carries a Samurai Sword and a Ray Gun.
(Strength: 6 Agility: 6 Intelligence: 6)
Unleash your Giant Battle Monster.
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If this is hell I don't want to go to heaven2005-11-01 22:34:30 ET

apparently all it takes for me to become infatuated with someone is for them to say they remember me from a party

oh, then play beautiful music using on an accordion, a antique typewriter, and a small bicycle.

I'm having difficulty listening to other music2005-10-31 08:14:58 ET

I shaved for the first time yesterday, I haven't seen my chin in 5 years, it's realy odd.

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