free>too expencive>normal2008-05-16 19:26:39 ET

When you go to the fish monger and decide to splurge and buy an ahi steak it kinda takes the fun out if when they only you charge tilapia prices. At least it still tastes just as good.

precient fire alarms?2008-05-08 07:46:27 ET

As usual I'm late for work, and before getting ready I checked my email to make sure I'm not missing anything There is a message in my inbox sent two hours in the future informing everyone to evacuate the building.

2008-05-07 16:32:20 ET

GonzoPhysicist: someone is cooking delicious fish very close to me
Byronomicon: those ass hooles
B: are they sharing?
G: no
B: that is a terrible story :(
G: I'll have to build my own fish
B: fish farm IMO
G: indeed
G: I'd really like to farm whales though
B: ok Ishmael
B: I'm game
B: teach me to whale
G: we'll need a boat
G: and some whale bait...

2008-05-02 21:14:04 ET

If Buckminster Fuller had designed a dinosaur it would probably have been called a Dymaxidon, and it would have been an frightfully efficient animal.

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