Some one keeps lighting the middle of California on fire.2008-06-22 18:22:03 ET

On Friday a box of paper was lit on fire not far from my parent's house in Monterey.
Last night I ate dinner just on the other side of a hill from one down in Big Sur that was started by a freak lighting storm.
Today on the drive north there was a large grass fire just east of the highway, it was nice to have the smoke cloud filtering out the evening sun's glare.
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Ouch2008-06-16 20:55:41 ET

I've got a blister the size of quarter on the ball of my foot, I ran over my big toe with my computer chair taking a bunch of skin off, I burnt my left thumb cooking dinner and I sliced open the tips of my right middle and index fingers which wouldn't stop bleeding until I super glued them shut.
I've also developed a case of poison oak on my arm.

old enough to pay, young enough to kick around.2008-06-13 16:29:20 ET

It's intern season at the NASA, we got one. This means I'm not the bottom of the pile anymore, which sucks because now I have to be responsible. And the only computer we were allowed to give him was the one I used in the lab, now I have no lab computer.
Bah! screw this I'm just going to go off into the mountains and drop acid.

if it were up to me we'd listen to Dream Theater2008-05-21 18:45:16 ET

My brother is having a rockstar party, he has requested that i make a playlist of music for which to rock out to. I don't listen to the same music as other people what should I play?

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