2003-12-02 13:56:09 ET
i have a new car now...2004 saturn ion. her name is siouxsie saturn. the vexed recorded over the weekend for a split 7" we will be on...should be out in mid jan 2004 i think. thats all.

 my poor sassy    2003-11-15 18:55:11 ET
got in a wreck...my car is totaled. some jerk ran into the back of me...it was not my fault...but my car is totaled...or so they said...

remembering miss sassy saturn...

many a good time was had...but i can't find many pix. :'(
little britt getting in my loved car...

my bike and miss sassy in the snow at my old apartment....

i am going to miss you ole girl. :'(


     2003-10-31 09:17:27 ET
i am fucking pissed. my car insurance runs out in november...and they won't let me renew because i am not in texas...even though i am only here for school and don't ever plan on living in the shithole known as kansas after i graduate...so that means i have to get kansas car insurance...and to get that bullshit i have to get STUPID FUCKING KANSAS LICENSE PLATES!!!!!!!!!!! i am so pissed. i don't want to give up my texas plates...i am a texan...i am only here in this crap hole for a free esucation...other than that kansas can fucking suck it. this has to be the worst place i have ever lived in my life...lawrence is so lame and kansas makes me angry and depressed...and now i have to have lame ass kansas plates?????????? FUCK THIS SHIT. i would rather drop out of school and move back so i can have my fucking texas plates. i should move to the missouri side...i would not mind half as much having MO plates...i could deal with that...but KANSAS PLATES!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

reflection: worst life move/choice i ever made....moving to kansas. it has ruined my life and now it is ruining my TEXAS CAR. TEXAS MOTHERFUCKERS...TEXAS NOT KANSAS.


1. real cities...ex. HOUSTON, AUSTIN, DALLAS....vs. lawrence and topeka...and as far as i am concerned kansas city belongs to MO.
2. there are punks in texas...good shows...places to go hang out besides dumb ass bars like the replay which SUCKS ASS. TEXAS also creates many great bands in all forms of music...what does kansas have...the get up kids????? GAY.
3. TEXAS was once its own country/republic and joined the union by its own choice. TEXAS has far more to be proud of and more heritage, history and diversity than the almost pure white state of kansas that is so proud it was a free state...of course you were free....it is 90% blonde hair blue eyed white people here.
4. TEXAS is not a dull rectancle shaped state that looks like 15 other states.
6. you can drive for 15 hours and still be in TEXAS...it is BIG...kansas is little and dinky.
7. If war ever breaks out on us soil...i am going back to texas where people can hold their own.
8. TEXAS is not infested with hippies and pot smoking losers.
9. People in TEXAS know how to drive...people here drive like retards...slow and not too well because they live in a place where there is nothing to do...so they have nowhere they really have to be.
10. people in TEXAS are not sheep like the people here in lawrence...they don't follow every musical and style trend...people here change their personalities and style more than they change their underwear and more than the girls shave their armpits.

kansas is gross.


the end.

     2003-10-24 13:58:59 ET
the veXed tonight at the spitfire

1717 west 9th in KCMO.

go or fuck off.

     2003-10-21 07:25:07 ET
my life is making me insane. i wish i could trade with someone...anyone.
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