2003-10-05 14:25:46 ET
i have been having these terrible awful dreams lately...they always end very violently too...they are making me sad...and making me worry.

     2003-09-20 21:20:32 ET
i should be cleaning...but i am not...and i am bored out of my mind...and my tummy hurts...and i feel lonely...but kyle is at work...and i bet he will be upset that i didn't really get any cleaning done...we can do it together tomorrow...being bored like this is awful...i have updated this journal tonight...my lj...and my suicide girls journal...THAT IS HOW BORED I AM...or perhaps i am just putting off what i should really be doing...cleaning.

     2003-09-17 08:19:34 ET
wow...some looser that no longer exists on SK (nervouscircuits) send me a nice pm that said:

Wow, you are so PuNk RaWk. pfft lame.

hummm wow someone can't spell...LAMER.

why do you think i give a shit about your opinion? do you really feel so bad about yourself that you have to make an attempt to insult a person you don't even know? and you are such a pussy that you have to do it oven the internet. try again buddy...because you didn't do a good job.

 mmmmuuuuuaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh    2003-09-15 20:08:25 ET

 jewelry    2003-09-10 19:32:48 ET
recent works....from the past year...the stuff i shall make this year i hope will be very different from this...i have exhausted this vein i think...


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