fuck everything    2002-05-25 08:32:14 ET
fuck it.......i am going to take a shower and go to work. i want the summer to be over with. can we please just skip july? it is a shitty month anyway. i hate summer and am ready to start graduate school in the fall. i want out of texas.

 feeling shitty    2002-05-24 18:23:24 ET
damn....i am feeling really crappy about life in general right now. i wrote a big entry in my live journal earlier. i guess that explains why i got into this mood. i wish i could be happy, but to be happy....i need to learn how to have fun again. maybe then, i could enjoy life again like i did when i was 16. i don't know....i will be 24 in a month, and a lot has changed since i was 16.

 houston is hot    2002-05-22 12:05:55 ET
i am waiting for little brittany to call....then her and big brittany will come over for me to fix everybody's hair before the show. it should be fun....i gave myself a fresh shave and cut as well so that my hawks will look nicer. okay...i am off.

 agt    2002-05-21 20:27:05 ET
tomorrow i will be going to a global threat........i hope the show goes okay (meaning no shit from the fat bitch patrol. i want new boots.

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