2002-08-09 18:10:30 ET

i am going to some punk festival show thing tomorrow in lawrence, ks...that is if i can find my way to the park it is supposed to be at.

     2002-08-08 19:37:07 ET
i need some damn friends up in this place...anyone want to be my friend??? well that is that lives in the lawrence kansas/ kansas city missouri area???? i am one bored and lonely girl over here. i am dying my hair...the red and black was getting old...now it will be green and black...i also needed something new for hits....i hope shelley will still come visit this month. i also hope gnatty will give me a fresh shave on my head...i hate cutting my hair myself. damn i am in an odd mood. someone be my friend. rwanda and i are VERY bored.

i applied foe 2 jobs today...i hope i get the one in the silkscreening factory....but with my never ending shitty luck i will have to break down...call cinemark...and have them transfer my file to the merriam theater and do movie prijection once again.

how about that friend thing? any takers on that?


     2002-08-07 15:47:43 ET
i am in lawrence kansas now...the move was stressful and the town has not impressed me as of yet. i am bored and i know nobody. i shall sit at home and be bored with my cat, rwanda.

     2002-07-30 12:21:06 ET
i am a fuck-up.

 i am bored...so i am doing a survey thing to pass the time    2002-07-29 12:35:46 ET
*prank called someone: indeed i have
*been prank called: yes
*fallen asleep in class: yes
*been suspended: fuckers...i have already graduated from college.
*been expelled: see previous answer
*contemplated suicide: on many occasions
*attempted suicide: nope
*seen someone die: i have seen 2 dead bodies in the road before
*cut yourself: all the time...but not in that i am a messed up rich kid in high school way...i am a jewelry designer and cutting myself on occasion with my jewelrs saw is just part of the territory
*slit your wrists: nope
*flirty eye contacted someone in class: probably not
*fantasized about someone: yes
*kissed someone elses partner: not that i know of
*had oral sex with someone elses partner: no
*trashed a hotel room: nope
*trashed someones home at a house party: not that i remember
*worried about your friends? all the time
*had your friends worry about you? who knows
*What's to worry about? i worry about anything and everything

*told that you loved them: brandon
*spoke to on the phone: my uncle
*got an e-mail from: michelle replying to a post in my lj
*spoke to on-line: yotam
*bitched with: um my manager at work
*bitched about: my coworkers
*missed: brandon
*were excited about seeing: brandon
*wished you could see more of: brandon
*wished you would see less of: myself
*fought with verbally: um...my mom i guess
*fought with physically: my sister
*wanted to kiss: brandon
*had sex with: brandon
*wanted to have sex with: brandon
*saw: my dad
*swore at: my manager at work about my coworkers
*laughed at: yotam made me laugh
*dated: brandon
*dumped: hahaahah...i always get dumped, so that would be this psycho named daniel back in 1995
*were dumped by: joseph

*have sex with: nikki sixx
*like to have a philosophical talk about life with: angelina jolie
*like to have as a best friend: angelina jolie
*bring back to life: einsteiin

*Britney/Christina: christina...i hate that other bitch
*N.I.N/Marilyn Manson: how about neither
*Blink 182/Jimmy Eat World: neither again
*Sepultura/Soulfly: sepultura
*Incubus/Deftones: strike up another one to neither
*Linkin Park/Limp Bizkit: neither again
*Papa Roach/Alien Ant Farm: damn...neither
*The Ataris/The Vandals: vandals
*No Doubt/Snake River Conspiracy: just shoot me now
*Disturbed/Mudvayne: bang
*Rancid/The Clash: the clash
*Kurt Cobain/Elvis: elvis
*Classical/Pop: classical
*Punk/Ska: punk rock
*Black/industrial: neither
*Emo/Indie: fuck all that shit

I am not: happy.
I hurt: in my brain and heart
I love: brandon
I hate: myself
I fear: death
I hope: everything will start to make sense
I crave: pepsi...diet pepsi
I regret: a lot
I cry: a lot these days
I care: about too much
I always: the one getting fucked over in the end
I long: to be out of debt
I feel alone: every day
I listen: to better music than you
I hide: lats of secrets
I drive: a saturn
I sing: in the car
I dance: i don't dance
I breathe: yes i do
I play: bass and giutar
I miss: brandon and the good ole days
I search: for a way to like myself
I learn: lots of things
I feel: empty
I know: it's all my fault
I say: too much or not enough
I succeed: maybe one day
I fail: too often
I dream: of being beautiful
I wonder: what the hell is going on
I want: more tattoos
I worry: about everything all the time
I have: enough to get by
I give: a shit about most people
I fight: myself and my problems
I wait: to be beautiful
I need: a miracle of some sorts

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