2002-07-27 09:31:17 ET
i am about to head off to work...at least my car is fixed (at least i hope so). it only took them like 4 visits to figure out what was the problem. i have a lot of packing to do still. grrrrrrr. i will update on more detail later.

 moving    2002-07-26 18:10:05 ET
i move in exactly one week. this has been one hell of a week. it seems like everything sucks. i feel like everything is falling apart and there is no good solution in sight.

i think i might go to 2 shoes before i leave houston (arm in arm on sunday and total chaos on tuesday)...but i just don't know if i am really in the mood. i kinda just want to be left alone.
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     2002-07-12 17:03:21 ET
i am going to dallas tomorrow to visit family...i suppose it will be fun. i move to kansas city in 3 weeks. :)

 i just don't know what to do    2002-07-09 15:36:42 ET
i can't decide if i should keep my hair the way it is (trihawks) like it has been for like 3+ years now....or grow out the shaved parts and have liberty spikes (and really girly hait when it is down). i just can't decide what i should do...any opinions to help me decide. the shaved parts are now almost an inch....so i need to make a final decision what to do. i also want my hair to look half way decent for holidays in the sun........?????????????????????

     2002-07-05 22:54:22 ET
my tummy hurts........i don't want to go to work tomorrow.

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