new    2003-09-16 11:57:18 ET
got a kinda new little
set up here
any one like?
any one dislike?

 School (long)    2003-09-16 05:13:40 ET
guess where i am
im sitting in my
business law class
we have a sub today
we do what ever

its really weard
last night
i slept
12 hours!

i went to "nap" at 7pm
got up at 11pm
to pee
and went back to bed
and didnty get back up
till 7am
it was cool

i had the scarest dream
ive had in a while last night

its started out an i was in this
old town
looked like early 1900s
and i talked to this old woman
i cant remember the convo
but when we finished
the whole towns history flashed b4 me
all the buildings were tore down
and bigger newer ones were built in its place
and that happened 3 times

then i went to this house
and i was beig chased by the cops
i ran and hid in all these diffrent places
and i ended up in the woods
i came up to this place coverd
with vines
when i was about to go through them
i realized that on the otherside of the
vines was a cliff and i could see the town
i found a way around the vines and came up
on a factory
hid in there
and then i ran into my fam

they were going on a trip to
i went with them
when we returned
i had a pet
that turned into a cat

so now im back in my basement
and i have people staing the night
i dont know who they are
there was a overweight couple
and a skinny couple
and a normal couple
i put them in these 3 room in my basement
and went to my room
which is in the basement

the doors that lead out side are glass
so i went to my room
and closed the door
i was playing a game
and decided to go to bed
i went to turn out
all the lights in the basement
so i did
went to my room and went to bed

i was sleeping
and this noise woke me up(in the dream)
when i went to turn my closet light on
the light was blood red
when i went to turn my over head lights on
they were blacklights

so i thought "what the hell is going on?"
i opened my door
and this horrable sound was comeing from
the rooms that the ppl were in
when i opend the door there was a red
firey glow comeing from the rooms
whan i look to the glass doors
i could see the ppls rooms
and inside
the people were hanging from the celing
blood was everywhere
there were big metal cages
and rusty bars going from the celing to teh floor
the bodies were mangled and dead
and this figgure walked by the window
making a hrorrable sound

the rooms seemed as if they were on fire
with the stench of death comeing from them

as i looked at this
i paniced
it scared me so bad

i gasped and screamed
and slammed my door

i looked to my bed and my brother was there
he said whats going on
and i said
were dead!

i fucking jolted from my sleep
me hert was pounding
i was sweating
as i laid there
i look at the clock
4 am
i kept thinking about the horror
i just went through
my body started shaking
and i was in a state of shock

my mind raced whith what was going on
i was afriad to even look at my bedroom door
thinking that it was reall happning

what is going on?



 Today    2003-09-15 12:24:41 ET
its a nice day
cant really complain
no homework
and its very pretty out

i have been asked
to join this art project
in Portugal
i sent in my

here are some pics of today



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