I AM MAN HEAR ME ROAR.    2003-09-11 15:28:55 ET
why in the hell did i make that my subject???????

any way
so i went to school
and it sucked ass
just like i knew it would

untill i posted the poster
infront of the cafetirea(sp)

it was a rush
i walked by the wall close to the door
i already had tape on the back
and i very quickly stuck it on the wall
im sooooo smooth

it was great
and it was there for some time

i had to go back to school
for parent teacher confrences
and it was gone
so some one took it down.
wonder who
dun dun duhhh

oh well
i have band pratice tomorrow
josh and rickey will be there
so itll be fun

kandess you need to come watch sometime!!!!!
you never come to see us any!!!!!
we love you
i just love you
but hey!

thats all.


 Just    2003-09-10 11:15:38 ET
i really
want someone to love.
but in a way i dont
the things tat have happened to me
in the past
always come back to haunt me

i get tired of being alone
tired of being bitched at for no reason
i try
it never works

i want someone to love
but i am afarid any more
no one can be made happy
at least
not in my eyes
what i want
isnt what they want
i can see it in their eyes

theres beauty
theres theres pain
you never know what will happen
the loves
they come from nowhere
when you least expect it

i dont want to wait
im afraid to live
i want a love
but not a bone

im tired of comeing home
theres nothing here
noting to do
the people that are here
are all closed
no one sees what is here
no one cares
their all closed
but to themselves

see nothing but vanity
nothing else

why do they never love..

 Paint    2003-09-09 17:33:23 ET
this is THE artist that inspaired me to paint,
Frances Bacon.
"Study after Velazquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X"

i love this


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