arg    2005-08-24 02:21:25 ET
its fukkin
7 19
and im up

tring to force myself to eat cereal

i hate eating this early
makes me feel sick

but later i feel good.

i went to the wrong english class on monday
so now i have to take care of that today
and get in the right one.

*barf feeling*

still loving japanese

still love learning Hiragana

ok im off

i have to beat the traffic

or get caught in it
and still get there on time

 Yay *in excited voice*    2005-08-22 18:41:30 ET
well i went to japanese today
and I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

holy crap i have never felt like that about a class EVER!

i was almost late due to traffic

but thats ok

i got there and i just loved
Kuroki Sensee
she is great
a very sweet lady

and the class is a bit crazy
and most of them were freaking out at how hard the class was
but i knew exactly what i was getting into
and i couldnt be more excited!!!!

we even jumped into learning Hiragana !
and that was great!

i cant wait to get further in the class...
(i just realized how much of a geek i sound)

but thats ok!


 eeek *in a calm voice*    2005-08-22 11:36:16 ET
started school today....its not really even school
its class

but it was interesting

im in a hurry right now

im gotta jet
im headed to Japanese class
and im excited out my ass!

More later!

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