unbeleave    2005-08-25 21:06:18 ET
i saw someone today
i hadnt seen in years

it was the worst best saddest most heart wretching
moment had felt
since she left me standing there
that day
5 years ago

it was such a moment

how did we end up crossing again

the thing that made it worse

she didnt even recognize me

she was still the same
nothing had changed

still beautiful
still the same person that left me back then
still the same laugh

does this mean you live here now
will we see again

i dont understand

what has happend

where have you been

how is your life

maybe ill find out.

thank you for making me this.

     2005-08-25 12:17:03 ET
come on

smile like you mean it

so strong

 it went as such    2005-08-25 06:02:13 ET
went to a movie


the emotional breakdown of a friend

a shoulder to cry on

someone to talk with about it

but then it went down

walked around a parking gerage

in the middle of the night

in the car

no words

come home

shit still happeneing outside

and in here

i leave

i go out

i realize that this is it for the next year

nothing new

nothing diffrent

the same thing

every week

for a year





empty stares

broken hearts

rolling tears

empty feelings

im tired

they are lucky

they have that at least

im going to stop looking

there is no reason in it

i just want everyone to leave me alone

i want to leave myself alone

im not going to find it

its not as simple os they make it

im ready to quit

i need to work out

im getting fat

im breaking down

im tired

i have had enough.

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