WHat tHe....................................    2005-10-03 09:38:09 ET
YEP YEP YEP an overly friendly hello, from a plug= new person. Sitting here procrastinating at work, trying to figure a way out, even though I can go and come as much as I want, my own inner-policing is saying for the image in the office I should stay, even though I over-work at times, meh what ever.
I think it is cause it is my new mans birthday today I just want to go do things, I bought him presents of course, a firefly Snowboard, bindings and a bag, I wish his b-day was in umm like may to july, cheap board times, crips I like complaining about material costs that I dont really need but want. Our first kinda date or mating ritual was snow bording last January, I so kicked his buttocks down the hills, I hope he was not being manly like and pretend that I have skills, hmmm I dont think so he said he was having a hard time keeping up with me, we will see this season, I have envoked in him competition this past few months, I beat him in pool all the time, NTN the trivia thing at bars,go-karts, swimming, water skiing, only thing he is faster at is drivig, but he has a 5.0 litre M. Well thats my journal for today folks, come by and say hi or the other things you do to communicate with procrastinators.

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