I wanna be a cowgirl    2006-06-09 08:27:34 ET
and you can be my cowboy!!

GO Brazil GO!!! and then Argentina, I hope one of you win!!!!!
So anyone going to the world cup? my co-worker is leaving for Germany, Paris and barcelona next week to watch world cup games, lucky lucky lady, she claims she will bring me back a couple bottles of red wine.

Anyways trying to heal still, my knee is still effed up I gained wieght, but have been losing a few the last 2 weeks been on a routine, even taking that Glucosomine sulfate, I think I get head aches from it.
My Bf has been jamming alot lately he and his friend have been writing a bit and trying to recruit others, I wish my percussion abilties were a bit stronger so I could addd, but am way to shy to start with em.

 Ever wonder what happens with people    2006-05-08 11:48:28 ET
EEEEEEEEE can you believe I have my 20 year High School Reunion this July OMG!!!!!!!
I have run into a few friends the last two years gawd they all look old!!! I ask myself what did they do in life to get so weary looking, maybe the stresses got through to them and they let it take them over.
I am or should be just thanking my culture and family for my happiness and oh yeah me too.
I will just see what happens when I get to see more people, I was never really close to anyone all the way through school, I just was everyones friend or aww I never did get really close to anyone, being that in Grade 11 and 12 I was in the military already and working so I was too busy to be a teenager. OH yeah, I threw the biggest Grad party ever, even the college kids were trying to bust into the party, I had a live band, my Dad's biker friends were the security and it lasted for 2 days, I think many of the Grads and young adults were just to intimidated by my fathers psycho ways, he would confinscate booze form people and then drink it with them or just take it away all toghether and drink it himself.The cops came like 4 times over the 2 days but it was taken care of by my DAD and the nieghbors or most of them were at the party. I know the main reason I got away with such a huge party was that my Dad did not want me out of his sight during grad, to many drinking and driving incidents around that time.
I guess Ill have to throw a reunion party now!!
In fact when I run into people who I know from school, thats pretty much what they say right away, hey remember your grad party, and even people who I dont know they say, hey are you Geraldine, I remember your grad party.

DID anyone see hostel?

 Spring Spring Spring!    2006-04-11 11:40:44 ET
We made it, huh.
Winter is over, well for most of us in North America.
Good news: I managed to get money again for this program so I am F/T employed till next spring. Hiring a new counselor.
I am still in love, my knee is still mending.

Not so good news: I am going through family court to finalize child custody with my ex. long Long process. Found out the ex is on bail and probation for quite a few charges, not good news at all for my children. Trying to get back into shape from the Feb injury, have a really really hard time, my knee is still mending.

 I am hurt boo booed    2006-02-24 08:05:45 ET
I tore 4 ligaments around my Knee, yes I am in pain, owweee, I can not walk but if I have to move I take crutches with me where ever I go. I been like this since Feb 5 th, I was going down a run and lost it, I just lost it somehow, I feel backwards first the impact winded me, then I remember tumbling around and around, I landed face down no skis no poles, my face in hard packed snow and I felt like I could not take a full breath, I still did not move when the John came back to me. took em awhile to move me, I kept saying give me a minute, I just gotta catch my breath and find myself, I was delearious, finally I guess he had enough of me with my face down not moving and started to figure out if I had spinal or neck injuries. I laughed and screamed when I was being moved,I had 2 bruised ribs, sprained pinky finger, sprained thumb, bumps n bruises on my back, abdomen and fore arms and lastly a smashed up right knee. it is the 3rd week of pain and crutches, my Doc says I may need surgery,eeee I said really, he said really really. So there goes my skiing season , I called Seymour mountain and told em my situtation , they are willing to prorate my seasons pass, so at least Ill get a couple hundred bucks back

 SKIING Manning Park BC    2006-02-02 10:14:12 ET
Wicked kewl ski mountain!! OMG I was in heaven all day, runs were long, snow was fresh, not to far of a drive from Vancouver, hardly any line ups, super blue and black runs. I was so fast and only had one huge fall on a black run, damn hotdog snowboarder almost jumped over me! I slid for about 50 feet, it was so steep that I only pushed myself um again to get going was only about 15 inches, from my shoulder to side of mountain.
It is like a secret excellent mountain that gets rare media or commercials on it, Alll you hear about up here is Whistler/Blackcome, Apex,or Big White.
* Big Bounus is that I have a seasons pass for mount seymour and that got me 50% of the lift pass. DID I say WOO HOO, I just did WHOO HOO again, guess where I am going again this weekend people? huh huh huh huh

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