March 8th and it snowed today ( Manilla)    2010-03-08 16:31:00 ET
But it is sunny now and warmed up,freak weather.

I want to go to Manilla cause;
I look philipino
There are Mangos
It is warm
Only problem is I hate flying and it is like a 14 hour flight.

Damn PHobia

 NEW YEAR 2010 SPACE............    2010-01-02 11:32:35 ET
I am becoming less afraid of the universe now, had severe anxtiety when I first seen space oddessey 2010 ever it it spelled. SO 2 more years now to the great phroyphacies of 2021 with the tribes of the midwest.

 All I want for chistmas is.............    2009-12-14 14:26:15 ET
-Better snowshoes, the ones I have need new leathers.
-Climate change , umm bring down emissions so to avoid natural run away emissions.
-An Inuit Santa Claus to stop by and play a game of bones.
-NO more red tide so I CAN GO GET SOME COCKLES.
-A hair cut n some longer lasting veggie color that does not bleed out too damn fast.
-Less milk ducts.
-A fantastic bi-sexual friend.
-And of course real fucking autonomy

 I left the city    2009-09-14 22:46:03 ET
I been in New Aiyansh BC.
-picking pine mushrooms
-have purple hair now
-loving up mother nature again

 STILL    2007-09-06 12:25:33 ET
Vancouver is fabulas, so damn nice out, wish I were not at work. I think I will make my wish come true here pretty quick.

I have not posted in ummmm ummmm ummmm I dunno , been a few days or month ahooo.

Alot of my 2-spirited friends have moved away back to thier home, Yukon, Bella Bella, Rupert, Terrace. OHHHH but goodness my best bud I went to high school with she moved back to BC recently, he has been in Hamilton ONt for years!!!!!!!! so glad I am gonna see her again she moved to Squamish, just north of Van maybe 1.5 hr drive. I will defop see her being it is on the way to Whistler and Ski season is creeping fast upon us.

I am still in Love We been living together close to 2 years now, oh just wait nov 2005, ummm nov 2006 and yup close to 2 years nov 2007. eeeeeeee time flys.
My hair is dye dif now got big red front half of head and back is black. I am super feeling a mohawk coming back , it also has been years since I had one, but or sure if I do it before ski season I am gonna do the tradtional native style of 2 seperate rows that meet in the front and back. Iroqua stlye HUHHHYA

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