SUNDAY SUNDAY    2010-04-11 06:08:46 ET
I am lonely I miss my boyfriend. He has been away for so lonnnnngggg away from me.Feels like years! He is about a 6 hour drive away and one ferry ride to the mainland. AWWWWWWWWWWWW I really need attention, I would never wish sexual tension on anyone.

 HST BC TAX    2010-04-07 18:22:43 ET
WTF eh!!!

Harmonized sales tax, damn the smart politions for coming up with wonderful evil ideas..... always trying to raise thier payrolls with ummmm I guess a transparent *#%$ me up the ass fashion

 st patty's day hang over    2010-03-18 16:31:23 ET
Man everyone was Irish in VOctoria BC....... so many pubs... so many green drinks... I swear this whole city has a hang over

 I want to be a macho man    2010-03-15 18:25:01 ET
macho macho man, ..... wtf happened to the village people and why was there only men in the village?

 Its late    2010-03-14 22:46:06 ET
I am a very bad girl tonight. Can not sleep. Been chatting OMGAWD. I am not a chatter. Met some good people. Wheww takes energy from you though.

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