jounel entry missing    2006-01-27 10:27:43 ET
I could swear I did one after my party,

hmmmmm things have been wierder.
It was a smash lots of people good times good times good times, wish you all were there.

working hard trying to stay employed for a couple more months, the contract funding for my project ends march 31,2006, I guess we will see if it gets contined funding, if not I will end up doing consulting again. it pays more but the work is sporatic. I like daily work and a bi-weekly cheques, I just get security from that even if in a way it is still consulting just a different method.
Hope your all hanging on to your resolutions, good luck.
I dont make any ever.

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME    2006-01-13 08:48:49 ET
OMG I had a denny's free breakfast at 7am and I feel like barfing right now! my kids loved it they had smiley face pancakes.

So I am gonna have a bizillion people at my house tonight, my basement is gonna be full of musicians that believe they are gonna make it big. I have alot of music equiptment downthere already and people are telling me what thay are bringing, I am like ok no more amps people. I am gonna be a hog on my drum kit too, no one else is getting on them, people can go cow bell in the corner or bang a tamborine.
I am optomistic, no fights , no broken instruments, no relationship drama from the couples, no cops and defo no unwanted rude people.
Oh yeah I am one of those nerdy hostesses too, everyone is gonna be in a game for a big prizes 3 top prizes tba, participants will police one another on certain words you can not say you get 5 pennies each and who ever has the most obviously wins ; words not allowed to say "I" "yeah" amd "eh" Eh is the killer one being we are Canadian eh, we cant stop saying it eh and eh its gona be a good time eh.
Godd day to you all eh!!!!

 FRIDAY THE 13th !#TH    2006-01-09 09:03:26 ET
My birthday this friday!! woo hooo huh, dont you wish you were kewl like me! ha. I am turning 29 again, damn I look good , omg I am full of myself today, gawd it feels good lol .

 @))^ 2006 - I thought there was gonna be more flying    2006-01-04 12:24:00 ET
yup yup 2006, I swear when it was the seventies by now there was gonna be flying machines. What was I thinking huh, no pollution, food for everyone a world govn, big bro taking up your back yard, but yet lots of ourdoor playtime.

Here I am with sitting with the internet, still not knowing all its capabilities and what would I do with em anyways, dealing with terminal illnesses for a career, still walking to the gas station if I run out of gas, cause my indian car gas meter does not work, big bro taking up my bach yard and ok outdoor platytime.

 In need of a holiday, even a mental one    2005-12-08 11:35:18 ET
Work: 12 participant councelling cooking class going on with people taking up room in regular office space,office space 20 offices 1 boardroom 2 kitchens one for clients one for staff. This class tends to think they can use both kitchens. Someone stole my lunch today out of fridge, I am blaming one of the 12 participants, I hope they like vegitarian food. The clients coming into see me are being harrased by class going down office hallway, triggers of highschool come back for me.

Home: Moved in with boyfriend YIKES!!!! all is well so far, we both have enough room for our personal stuff, I hope so it is a 3 bedroom two level house. Sex life greatly improved with frequency and frequency is really really frequent. We will see how long that holds up. pun intended.

Family: My father is a big @#%^$@* , yup yup still working through father issues at my age, hmmmffff, but yet he respects me the most out of all the siblings. XMAS is coming so he is probably gearing up his smart remarks for each grown child of his. My older brother is an alcholic but is a funtional father of 2 and works full time in a union job. Younger Brother is a PSycho hollaring mouthy abuser to his wife and 5 children, Younger sister is childless and lives with a younger man. Youngest brother lives at home and works for a recycling plant, is a charmer with the ladies. Then me seperated single mother of 2 with a new boyfriend who has only met DaD 2 times and this season will find out we live together, we will see if my good paying, well community connected career will give me a break with DADs snide remarks on my miserable life.He still thinks it is not proper for a woman to be a drummer or do stuff like ski, mosh,be financially independant, or wear pants.
My mother is the best MOM in the whole world and she keeps us all together and can have the power to tell DAD TO SHUT UP!

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