4/29/05 - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and the weekend that changed everything @ Atlantic City, NJ
2005-05-03 11:18:52 ET

This last week has been literally life changing.

On Tuesday I was asked to come work at Nancy Glass Productions in Bala Cynwd, PA, as an Assistant Editor.
I jumped through the roof.
I had been waiting and working for a full time job for two years now, and finally someone saw the potential that is me.
I got together with some of my closest friends and even my dad came up, and we celebrated.

For the rest of the week, I was walking on air, knowing what the weekend held.

Friday morning I picked up my girlfriend at her house, and we headed on our way to Atlantic City, NJ.
The drive was wonderful - me and my girl, on the road, with music playing and a blue sky above.
When we reached the shore, she immediately took her shoes off and ran into the ocean.... Then ran out. Very frigid.
But we walked on the beach for an hour or so, then walked the boardwalk.
Outside of a knick-knack store, she was pooped on by a seagull!
This sent us back to the condo (where we were staying) for her to wash her hair.
We basically just crashed (fresh air really tires one out!) for about two hours, and hung with my cousin, who was renting the condo that weekend.

around 7, my girl and I were dressed to the 9s and went out to see Big Bad VooDoo Daddy at the Borgata. Before, we went to a diner. real fancy.
the Borgata is an impressive casino, huge and glamourous. The "music box" where the band played was sadly lacking. mainly because the seating was Stadium seats - and this was a swing band! No room to dance.
Our seats were way up in the back, so my girl suggests that we try to dance in the back, where no one was. apparently, though, that's a fire-aisle, and we can't block it. I tried to fight with the security lady, but she said it wasn't her call.
She was nice enough, though, to point out to us a wider row of seats, with more leg room, and enough space for two folks to dance.
The show was short, but as always, a good time.
Afterwards we walked around Brigantine, NJ and talked. I was very upset because I was worried it might rain and ruin my plans to go watch the sunrise the next morning.
When we returned from our walk, sleep was the main thing on our minds, so we crashed onto the sofabed, and hoped for sunshine in the morning.

I woke at 5:30 to the alarm clock, and hearing her say "Kill It!"
I looked out the window, saw a drizzly, gray sunrise, and said it'd be better just to go back to sleep. At 8am, I convinced her that we should get out of bed, and spend the day walking around the casinos. While she was in the bathroom, I debated on how to proceed with my plan.
We walked outside, and as we packed the car, I told her "I need to kiss you by the sea."
She must have thought I was crazy, but in the pouring rain we stood by the ocean and I told her that I brought her here because I knew it was her favorite place in the world.
Then I knelt, and pulled a box out of my pocket, and pulled a ring out of the box, kissed her hand, held out the ring, and asked her to marry me.
If you asked me, I was out of my head. Not that I was crazy, but that none of this seemed real. That it was all on TV and I was watching as she clasped her hands to her mouth, nodded furiously, pulled me to my feet and hugged me. She hugged me and said "yes. yes. Of course, yes."
I then reminded her that I had a ring she was supposed to wear.
I put it on her and she said "it's beautiful... Oh, look what you did."
After a short time during which we both assured each other that we were sure, that we were serious, we headed back to the condo, so she could again dry her hair.
At the condo we snuggled a bit, and then left to tell everyone we knew.
She started with her phone, and then we went through mine.
It was her decision that we take the trip down to my parents, to tell them in person. Probably a smart one.

The entire drive to Delaware we talked about the wedding. And, as she put it, "It feels good to talk about this, and really mean it."
My mother exploded when we told them. First she hugged me, then my fiancee, then both of us, then my dad, then all of us, it was a scene. She didn't know what to do, she was just so happy.

We sat together and had dinner, and talked about the future, my Aunt came over and brought a cheese tray, (don't ask), and then we headed off, back to her house.
More talking, and a lot more of her gawking the ring, and her parents were kind of non-chalant about the whole thing. I mean, they knew from a week ago, but still. I think they could have mustered a little more enthutiasum.
The next day brought my fiancee's sisters, her choir at church, and lots of "congratulations!" "When's the date?"

After awhile she'd had enough, and we escaped to a nearby park. We walked around and simply talked about "us."
While there, we received a phonecall from her best friend, and one from mine. It was a nice ending to the day. Before I left her, though, we spent some "quality time" together. That was surely needed.

Now, 4 days engaged, 2 days into my new job, I'm feeling the settling - the acceptance of what has happened, and a feeling of hope for the future.

I know most of you didn't really want to hear all that, but I wanted to get it out.
If she wants to add anything to the story, she might.
I'm happy, I'm hopeful, and I'm done.
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You and Me (and the road ahead)
2005-05-03 04:02:03 ET

Take a look
at what i've got
I can't promise
you a lot
but you and me
and the road ahead

I can't save
you from yourself
you got to want it
all that's left
is you and me
and the road ahead

wherever that wind might blow
wherever that river rolls
you know i will go with you

looking over
the mountain's crown
the water roars
and tumbles down
like you and me
and the road ahead

wherever that wind might blow
wherever that river rolls
you know i will go with you

just you and me
and the road ahead

- Tom Petty

If I hear one more person say...
2005-05-02 08:00:44 ET

Main Entry: congratulations
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: complimentation
Synonyms: best wishes, compliments, felicitations, good wishes, good work, greetings, hail, hear hear, kudos

Goodnight, Irene
2005-04-26 09:06:28 ET

Irene, goodnight
Irene, goodnight
Goodnight irene, goodnight irene
I'll see you in my dreams

Well last saturday night i got married,
Me and my wife settled down
Well now me and my wife are parted,
I'm gonna take another stroll downtown


Some folks they like their sugar
Some folks they like their wine
Some folks love their music
And they sing it all the time


Stop your rambling, why don't you stop your gambling
Well stop your staying out so late at night
Go home to your wife and family
Stay there by the fireside bright

Goodnight irene, goodnight irene
I'll see you in my dreams

- Traditional

Who would have thought?
2005-04-21 15:46:54 ET

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